New information about 4-year-old Leon. What the investigators found out about his death

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More and more is known about 4-year-old Leon.

 New information about 4-year-old Leon. What have the investigators found out about his death

As the portal “Wirtualna Polska” reminds us, during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the policemen discovered the body of a four-year-old Leon. His mother and her partner had been detained by officers the day before. Now new facts about the boy's family situation have come to light.

Inhabitants of G & oacute; rki shocked

In an interview with “Wirtualna Polska”, one of the salesmen of a local store admitted that quite often 19-year-old Karolina came shopping. First, she came with her son, who was looking after the second child, who was in the bed. “I didn't see this boy after that,” she added.

The inhabitants of the town do not hide that what happened was a huge shock to them. Nobody expected a similar tragedy to happen. According to the reports of the local community, Karolina W. and her partner were last seen here in August this year.

The people who knew Karolina W. and her partner do not hide their surprise either. “They tried to make a new life for themselves. He took a job in a shop, and then at construction sites” – reported one of the detainee's friends.

 New information about 4-year-old Leon. What have the investigators found out about his death

According to the findings of the journalists of “WP”, from birth, little Leoś was looked after by his great-grandmother, who had previously been a foster family for his mother. A few months ago Karolina W. was supposed to pick up her son and move with him to a new partner.

Karolina W. and Damian G. heard accusations

To Karolina W. and Damian G. were to be arrested on Tuesday, October 25. During a police interrogation, the 19-year-old was said to have confessed where he buried the body of 4.5-year-old Leon. On Wednesday, the prosecution decided to accuse both of the boy's murder.

On Thursday, October 27, the court decided to place the suspects in custody. Karolina W., due to the fact that she is in an advanced state of pregnancy, was placed in special arrest in Warsaw.

During the prosecutor's interrogation, Damian G. confessed to the alleged offense. However, he decided not to submit any explanations. Leon's mother did not fully plead guilty to the allegations, but she did explain.

 New information about 4-year-old Leon. of the death

The boy's body was also autopsied on Thursday. More information on the cause and time of death is to be indicated after histopathological examinations, e.g. hearts. The prosecutor's office emphasizes that there are already circumstances suggesting that the 4.5-year-old's death occurred earlier than when the body was found.

Do you think that it will be possible to establish what happened to the boy?

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