New McKinsey Revelations: 'I'm Very Worried,' Expert Says

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Opposition MPs want to shed light on the contracts awarded to McKinsey.

The revelation of new information about the scope of the contracts awarded by the federal government to the firm McKinsey has provoked its share of reactions. The approximately 100 million dollars paid to this company raised eyebrows for a specialist; the opposition in Ottawa refers to an “automated teller machine” and “a transparency issue”.

Already saying he was worried 10 days ago, when the first information was released about Ottawa's widespread use of the firm's services, Benoit Duguay, professor at the School of Management Sciences at UQAM and researcher at the Chair of Public Relations and Marketing Communication, now claims to be “very worried”.

McKinsey has become good to do everything … Maybe even cake recipes, he launched, tongue-in-cheek, in an interview with Radio-Canada.

The expert does not understand why, among the many contracts awarded to McKinsey, this company has even come to carry out studies related to the tourist world. However, tourism experts, it rains in Canada. Why was McKinsey called upon?, asks Professor Duguay.

He is also concerned that the company offers services in many countries, in particular to various Ministries of Defence. Aren't there risks, Mr. Duguay wonders, in McKinsey advising the Canadian army, the American army, the Russian forces, or Chinese forces again?

Yes, we may have a one-off need [to hire] external advisers, but for something very, very specialized, the specialist further indicates.

However, McKinsey seems rather having obtained larger contracts with perhaps less specific objectives. This does not help to reassure Mr. Duguay.

The latter also believes that by dint of doing business with all the governments in the world, we have the impression that they are a supranational government.

In new information revealed by Radio-Canada, it appears that Ottawa has offered at least $34 million in contracts to McKinsey in connection with the Ministry of Defense since 2021.< /p>

It is this ministry that has had the most recourse to this firm. The company has played a role in the modernization of the Royal Canadian Navy, the promotion of cultural diversity in Defence, and the complaints management system, including those of sexual misconduct in the military.

These dozens of contracts awarded by the Trudeau government will be the subject of a parliamentary inquiry, the holding of which was imposed by the opposition, in a position of strength within the Operations Committee government and budget forecasts. Under pressure, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also asked two ministers to review the awarding of contracts to McKinsey.

In a response provided Friday evening, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), responsible for most federal procurement, confirms that it spent a total of $101.4 million, for 23 contracts signed in the last 7 years.

On the side of the federal opposition parties, we reiterate the importance of holding an investigation to better understand what was demanded of McKinsey in exchange for the various contracts.

< p class="e-p">It will be necessary to have access to unredacted contracts, insists Christine Normandin, MP for the Bloc Québécois.

She believes that we must prevent the government wraps itself in the confidentiality of agreements with the firm.

It's an issue of transparency that is lost when a private company is mandated on this scale- there, judge the deputy.

“There is an increasing move towards what looks like an abdication of leadership by the federal government, in favor of the federal government. a private company.

— Christine Normandin, Bloc Québécois MP

Her Conservative colleague Gérard Deltell goes so far as to describe the contracts awarded by Ottawa to McKinsey as an “automated teller machine”.

These are disturbing revelations, he said of the new information published by Radio-Canada.

Questions must be asked and answers must be obtained.

The Conservative MP considers that it is normal for a government to award contracts, but that the extent of the ties between McKinsey and the Trudeau government justifies that elected officials, in the Commons, are looking into this matter.

Said investigation, specifies Alexandre Boulerice, of the New Democratic Party, will begin next Wednesday.

Perhaps that& #x27;it will then have to go to a public inquiry, he says.

Mr. Boulerice underlines that within his party, we find it quite maddening; it's as if the Liberal government had subcontracted entire sections of the federal apparatus to a private American company.

It's cronyism, waste, and we are worried about the concrete results, he adds.

With information from Kim Vermette

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