New Mercedes-Benz GLA teases new teaser

Новый Mercedes-Benz GLA дразнит новым тизером

Advertising campaign, Mercedes GLA for the second generation is in full swing ahead of the official debut of the compact crossover 11 Dec. The last major opening of the Daimler a decade is an update to the flagship model, as the smallest crossover of the company was a huge commercial success as a result of smart business decisions to run the GLA at the right time in the SUV market. The latest teaser shows the cockpit of a small crossover, partially showing unusually familiar atmosphere that we’ve seen in seven compact cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz for the last two years. Related image with emphasis on systems security GLA, in particular, a blind area warning output. How does it work? When are you going to open the door to exit the vehicle, the control system of blind zones is automatically activated when it detects that it is approaching another vehicle or Bicycle. When this happens, a warning tone sounds and the warning light comes on, mounted in the side mirror. Keep in mind that the function of the warning output is active only for three minutes after the driver turns off the ignition, and becomes unavailable when the above-mentioned warning lamp blinks three times in a row.

Following the GLA will be one of the most technologically advanced compact crossovers on the market, as Mercedes will equip it with a variety of functions, ranging from active brake assist and ending even a warning when pedestrians are near the crossing. The trim level, the new CUV should correspond to the level of the other compact premium crossover, introduced this year, — square-GLB.

In fact, almost all technologies are derived from the spiritual successor to the GLK in addition to three-row layout of the cabin, since only the GLB will have seven seats. Shorter, but roomier than its predecessor, the GLA will also be 10 centimeters above. The new product will debut during the online event, scheduled for 11 December 2019.

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