New Mkwesaqtuk/Cap-Rouge Campground Opens Next Week in Cape Breton


New Mkwesaqtuk/Cap-Rouge campground opens next week in Cape Breton

Mkwesaqtuk/Cap-Rouge Campground allows for a near shore experience.

Campers planning a vacation in Cape Breton Highlands National Park this summer will be able to choose a new campsite.

Parks Canada opens the Mkwesaqtuk/Cap-Rouge campground on July 1, but the opening celebration will take place on Tuesday, June 28.

< p>“We've been working on it for years, so we're very happy to be able to open it”

— Véronique Hotton, Public Education Officer for Parks Canada

This is the first campsite we have that has a name in French and in Mi'kmaw, so we are very happy with that!, says Véronique Hotton, public education officer for Parks Canada

The name was chosen with the communities to honor Indigenous ties to the region and to pay homage to the Acadian peoples who were expropriated when the national park was created in 1936.

Since May 12, campers can book a stay at the Mkwesaqtuk/Cap-Rouge campsite starting July 1, 2022.

The Mkwesaqtuk/Cap-Rouge campground is also one of the first completely solar-powered campgrounds. Then, unlike most parks, campers must walk to their pitch which is closer to the coast.

This is a place where the mountains and the sea ​​side by side.

The buildings are designed to reflect the distinct Acadian heritage of the region. The site offers coastal paths, a pebble beach and spectacular sunsets.

Natural measures have also been taken to counter coastal erosion, with the planting of 1,100 rosebushes.

It's really, really beautiful, assures Véronique Hotton. You are on the edge of the water and the majority of the sites are surrounded by trees, so it gives a feeling of isolation without being far in nature.

There are campsites at the Cap-Rouge/Mkwesaqtuk field that are more accessible, such as this oTENTik site.

The Parks Canada agent adds that there are also car-accessible sites for campers who live with a disability, and there are a few “oTENTik” sites for people who are not equipped or who want to simplify their life.

As of May 12, interested campers can make a reservation on the Parks Canada Reservation Service website for stays starting July 1, 2022.

With information from the Revival of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador


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