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New moon of July 6: a tense start to the holidays for two zodiac signs

The new moon this Saturday, July 6, promises to be complex for several signs who will see difficulties confront them at the start of summer. Find out which signs are among the unlucky ones.

The beginning of July means going on vacation for many of us. The opportunity to recharge our batteries, travel, and enjoy the pleasures that this summer season has in store for us. But this long-awaited period could be overshadowed by a major astrological event: the new moon on July 6, 2024. The latter will take place at 00:57 in the sign of Cancer, a Water sign characterized by its tolerance and sociability. If you belong to this sign, this new moon will signify a real liberation from certain difficult memories whose shadow has been hovering over you for some time. It is time to leave them behind yourself if you have to accept the help of your loved ones.

In this atmosphere of the start of the holidays, the new moon invites the signs Libra, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces to come to life. set out in search of a new beginning or even in search of a new beginning. seek comfort. If you belong to one of these signs, it's time to take some time for yourself, light some candles or even spend a whole day alone. strongly dedicated to your well-being and your development. Why not try new experiences or give yourself the chance to meet new people? This can be up to you! both enriching and stimulating,” advises American astrologer Monisha Holmes in the Cosmopolitan.

New moon of July 6: a tense start to the holidays for two zodiac signs

The new moon on July 6 will take place à 00:57 in the sign of Cancer © dennisvdwater – stock.adobe.com

For two signs of the zodiac, these first days of vacation will be challenging and will mobilize a lot of energy. On the one hand, Aries will go through a period of tension, especially if they go on vacation. Have eyes everywhere and anticipate all the unexpected so as not to be caught off guard when faced with events that you cannot control. Furthermore, Capricorns will not be better off since the new moon risks exacerbating the difficulties in their relationship. If you plan to go on a trip, resolve all these differences before departure and prioritize communication!

Finally, this new moon should bring serenity to your life. for some lucky signs. For Sagittarians, astrologer Amandine Arcs of Figaro Madame affirms: "a good fairy seems to be&# 39;êe lean into the areas of your life where fluidity was unable to achieve this find your way. So take advantage of this well-deserved period of peace! Same story for Gemini since you "seem in perfect harmony with your decisions" reports the astrologer. Finally, Scorpios could see their difficulties transformed into springboards towards success.

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