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New Netflix releases: series and films not to be missed in July 2024

What are the new releases to watch on Netflix in July? Here is the schedule of new films and series for the next few days.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix in the coming days ? Among the highlights of July 2024, let's mention the release of the new season of the rap competition Nouvelle école, in a weekly broadcast, from July 4 to 21. It will also be possible to find the last season of'Elite on July 26 or the new episodes of Vikings Valhalla July 11. 

If you're more in the mood for movies, you can watch the fourth episode of Beverly Hills Cop, with Eddie Murphy, Kevin Bacon and Joseph Gordon Levitt, July 3. Below, find the complete Netflix release schedule for July 2024.

The new series

  • Love is Blind Brazil (season 4): July 3 and July 10
  • Barbecue Showdown : The Great Challenge (season 3): July 4
  • Nouvelle école (season 3): July 4, 11, 18 and 21
  • The pieces of our life : July 5
  • The Boyfriend : July 9
  • La primera vez (season 2): July 10
  • Receiver: July 10
  • Sugar Rush: Mexico top chrono (season 2): July 10
  • The path of the olive tree (season 2): July 11
  • Vikings: Valhalla (season 3): July 11
  • Exploding Kittens: July 12
  • The Green Glove Gang (season 2): July 17
  • Cobra Kai (season 6 part 1): July 18
  • Master of the House: July 18
  • Sweet Home(season 3): July 19
  • High Voltage Séduction (season 6): July 19, July 26, August 2 .
  • Love of my life: July 27
  • Resurrect my crate: July 24
  • Kleo (season 2): July 25
  • Le décaméron : July 25
  • Tokyo Crooks: July 25
  • Tribhuvan Mishra's miscalculations : July 25
  • Elite (season 8): July 26
  • The extraordinary investigations (volume 4): July 31

New films

  • Beverly Hills Cop Axel F : July 3
  • Goyo: July 5
  • Wild wild Punjab: July 10
  • Fade into the night : July 11
  • Lobola man: July 12
  • To play too much : July 12
  • The Champion: July 12
  • If I fall: July 19
  • House of Ga'a : July 26
  • Non-negotiable: July 26

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