New school: SCH moved to tears by the speech of a finalist

New school: SCH moved to tears by finalist’s speech< /p>

The rapper-star from Marseille and juror of rap tele-hook on Netflix held back his tears after the speech of his little protege Elyon eliminated in the final of the show.

Emotion sequence in Nouvelle école, the entertainment show dedicated to a rap contest currently airing on Netflix. In the eighth and last episode, that of the final which was released this Thursday, June 23, 2022, the contender Elyon was ousted by the jury. This did not prevent the young rapper from warmly thanking one of the three members of the jury, SCH. A speech that very moved the Marseille rapper.

I think there are words that are worth more than 100,000 euros”, begins Elyon, referring to the price that has just passed under his nose. “ And, I tell you frankly, there are things you said to me on this show… I will never forget… All my life! You gave me rage and behind I will keep this rage. I will make you dream, thank you!” In front of him, SCH could not hide his emotion after this statement of rare sincerity. The rapper with mafia imagery held back a few hot tears behind his sunglasses. The latter did not say much but joined his hands in thanks. Shay, rapper and juror of the show, even chambered SCH who was visibly very touched by this speech.

Elyon and Leys eliminated, Fresh big winner

< p>Let's get back to the final after this tearful interlude. Elyon's performance, although high-flying, did not completely convince the jury. In particular the rapped part deemed “too weak” by Niska and Shay. For her part, the darling Leys, despite a show worthy of a professional rapper, did not conquer the trio of headliners either. All that was left was Fresh, who, according to SCH, “stepped out of his comfort zone.” The rapper offered a bit of a hybrid performance. strong>, going crescendo, filled with good gimmicks. For SCH, Niska and Shay the new star of New School is him. Fresh wins the competition, the congratulations from the jury, the respect of the environment, the hype of social networks and the tidy sum of 100,000 euros… Who says better?