New trends in manicure: the effect of “Northern lights” (photos)

Новые тренды в маникюре: эффект «северное сияние» (фото)

Winter manicure — tale for fashionistas. Winter offers us new trends. And we do not refuse. After all, try to put on her nails new design is fantastic!

With the new design you will be the center of attention. You will be showered with compliments. And even if there is criticism, do not worry. Surely they are not experts in the field of fashion.

To look stylish it is very important. Stylish people associated with youth and progress. They want to be.

About fashion trends in manicure “FACTS” said the Romanian nail stylist Laura Gavrilescu.

— In the spring and summer we enjoy the riot of colors of flowers, and in winter they are in our imagination, says Laura Gavrilescu. — This season we love red. It is sensual and at the same time delicate. Red looks great with crystals and glitter.

Новые тренды в маникюре: эффект «северное сияние» (фото)Red looks good with crystals

Elegance and luxury embodies the cherry blossom. It this winter in the trend. My favorite color in the cold season — a matte brown with sequins. This color is stylish and at the same time wins extravagance. The color of soil and wood. It is deep, reliable, comfortable. Also on trend Nude.

— Do this winter design baby-Boomer? This design long ago everyone loved.

— Of course! It is perfect for those who prefer to combine simplicity and luxury. At the same time, it can be a perfect manicure for the bride. Wedding baby-Boomer can be supplemented with pearls, or a delicate sheen. Here is a universal design. It is appropriate always and everywhere, looks great with any outfit. It is possible to add glitter — and differently each time.

— Which design you would like to mention among the novelties?

— Very beautiful design with the effect of “Northern lights”. He is the embodiment of great refinement. A soft sheen catches the eye. And he does not come off. Nice very appropriate in the winter. To complement their coverage is the perfect solution for those who want something new, unusual, maybe even eccentric, but can’t decide. Many fashionable women like the effect of fine sand.

Новые тренды в маникюре: эффект «северное сияние» (фото)

The effect of “Northern lights” is the embodiment of great refinement

— Sometimes I would like to use it on their nails one and the other design. Recently witnessed how long the girl had chosen salon tint lacquer. Making a choice is always difficult. How to implement it, the result was not a disappointment.

— You know, the famous English philosopher Francis bacon said that the most precious part of beauty is that which can not show the picture. In the end, our nails will present our individuality. They are primarily talking about grooming. The design will tell about the taste, about how we orientirueshsya in fashion. It is known that the nails are our calling card, so they should be perfect.

— What form and length of nails to choose this winter?

— Current square and almond shaped nails. As for length, on trend nails short and medium length. Too long is not recommended. Choose what suits you. It is important.

Новые тренды в маникюре: эффект «северное сияние» (фото)The cherry color is elegant and luxurious

— Not far off the long-awaited New year and Christmas. Every woman wants to be in holidays the most beautiful, charming and attractive. You need to have a special outfit, hair, makeup and of course nail Polish. What design would recommend to do for Christmas and new year holidays?

— Advise red, blue, green, white gold and silver… Cover relevant both solo and with glitter. As the figure appropriate to snowflakes, snow flakes, stars, — all that symbolizes your favorite holidays.

Новые тренды в маникюре: эффект «северное сияние» (фото)Many fashionistas love the sand effect

Laura, how did you become a nail stylist?

— I work in this field for five years. I really like what I do. Since childhood I wanted to become a manicurist, always played with the nail polishes my mom. My dream came true and I’m happy.

— Creative people tend to be inspired. And what, I wonder, inspires you to creativity?

— It can be even beautiful outfits clients. The source of inspiration may be and communication. Suddenly an unusual idea — and it immediately begin to implement.

Новые тренды в маникюре: эффект «северное сияние» (фото)Laura Gavrilescu: “Master of manicure I wanted to be since childhood”

— By the way, how better to combine a manicure with the clothes? It is no easy task. Today you wear a green dress, tomorrow want to wear red, and the next day purple.

Neutral colors on nails — best solution, if your wardrobe are diverse.

— Which design would you recommend going on a trip?

— If you are traveling to a ski resort, I suggest you short nails. They are comfortable and practical, difficult to damage.

— Probably, clients often praise your work. What a compliment was the best?

— “It’s the most beautiful nails I’ve ever had!”, — said the girl. However, three weeks ago, she said the same.

— What are the criteria of good taste?

— People with good taste is immediately visible. Everything in it harmoniously, clothing, hairstyle, and manicure. Special art — to wear jewellery. If you have a manicure with bright colored crystals to wear rings with large stones, you won’t be able. Decoration in this case must be discreet, otherwise it will be bad.

— What do you think, a beautiful manicure can bring its owner good luck?

— Yes, it can. Once my friend went to rest in another country. She had such a spectacular nails that all admired. And the hotel she was even given a better room, more spacious.

Always interesting to see what design the master of manicure. After all, the nail stylist has its finger on the pulse of fashion. What kind of manicure do you prefer for yourself?

— Nude or baby-Boomer.

A nail stylist from Bulgaria Elena Jagodina told about thermocrete and other trends of the season.

Photos from the album of Laura Gavrilescu

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