New ways of burial have emerged. They are gaining more and more popularity

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Unusual forms of burial are gaining popularity

 New methods of burial have appeared. They are gaining more and more popularity

According to the portal” Next “, along with the growing ecological awareness of societies, solutions that have make various aspects of our life more planet-friendly. This trend also affects the final issues related to the burial of the dead. It turns out that after death, we can become part of a coral reef, among other things. However, this is not the only possibility.

The growing problem with burials

The number of people in our world is systematically growing. Communities around the world are looking for solutions to help cope with the growing problem of lack of space in cemeteries. Some countries are already trying to solve the problem by building underground catacombs. Others choose tombs that resemble tombs. However, this may not be enough.

It turns out that ecological burial has been gaining popularity for some time. One of them is the use of Bio Urn. The ashes that end up there are the substrate from which the tree will grow. Usually it is pine, but not always. Unfortunately, the cremation itself, necessary for this form of burial, is not particularly ecological, as it emits 400 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Funeral different than usual

As macabre as it sounds to many people, the body of a deceased person can be turned into compost. This service is offered by the American company Recompose. The body of the deceased is placed in a special capsule in which the decomposition process is significantly accelerated, which takes only 30 days.

Another way of burial is to return to the water. Eternal Reefs offers the cremation of the corpse, which is then placed in a cement “reef ball”, which is completely neutral to the water. When thrown into the ocean, it will be a place for the development of organisms living there.

What do you think about such methods of burial?

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