Nicole Kidman has told how the loss of her father changed her life: “I Doubt that my heart can handle”

The release of the film “Scandal” (Bombshell) with a 52-year-old Nicole Kidman in one of the main roles has made the actress more open to the press. The Tatler magazine was even lucky enough to talk to the Hollywood star about children and family. Kidman appeared on the cover of the January issue of the publication.

Николь Кидман рассказала, как потеря отца изменила ее жизнь: «Сомневалась, что мое сердце выдержит»

Nicole with her husband Keith urban and has two daughters, the youngest of whom was born when Kidman was 41 years. By the time Nicole had two adult foster children whom she adopted in her marriage with Tom cruise. The actress responded to a question about the difference between motherhood in 20 and 40 years.

There is no right and wrong. It’s just different children. One day my grandmother gave me excellent advice. She said: “Every child is sent by a disaster, whether it’s a difficult environment, testing, parental divorce… Problems will always. Most importantly, baby loved, that he didn’t feel a lack of love”. I try never to forget it, ‘ said Nicole.

In 2014, Kidman lost her father. According to the actress, the grief has greatly changed her.

I dove into life head first. Decided to try lots of things. Before didn’t think my heart can handle that level of adrenaline and fear, admitted Kidman.

The husband of the star — a popular Australian singer. Nicole told me that sometimes she and her daughters accompany him on tour.

Who knows, maybe when his daughter grows up, they will say: “Parents tortured us with trips around the world in childhood, so now never set foot out of town”… No greater love than the love of children. Motherhood varies tremendously. Everything changes. The depth of love for children incomprehensible, very painful and extremely happy,— said the actress in an interview.

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