Nicole Kidman told how he survived the death of his father

Popular actress Nicole Kidman in one interview said that it helped her to survive the death of the father. After learning about the care of a loved one, she felt broken. At the same time, the celebrities had to pull myself together.

Николь Кидман рассказала, как пережила смерть отца

To grieve Nicole Kidman helped children. They should know they are safe and the mother can protect them. Three-year old daughter Nicole Kidman, whose name is faith, then said a little sad, but then she wouldn’t be so bad. At this point, the celebrity understand what you need to get yourself together.

Father Kidman has dedicated almost all his life to help and support people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. The actress still misses her parent. She continues to be proud of his aspirations and work.

Her father was born in Australia. He was a psychologist, a scientist in the field of biochemistry, in the US specialist was engaged in the study of cancer cells. Celebrity has lost a loved one five years ago. It is known that Anthony David Kidman died of a heart attack.

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