Nikita Dobrynin and Daria Kvitkova conquered stylish total black output

Dasha Kvitkova shone in a luxurious dress studded with sequins

Никита Добрынин и Дарья Квиткова покорили стильным total black выходом

Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and his girlfriend Daria Kvitkova for a year are in a relationship and very happy. The couple travels a lot, deals together with sports and gladly shares his feelings and thoughts with her fans on social networks — recently they shared a joint with a series of spectacular photos, including bedding. Lovers also coming out November 30, they shone on the red carpet of the awards ceremony of the musical award M1 Music Awards.

Nikita has shared on his page in Instagram video from the event, where they are a favorite on the red carpet and give interviews. The couple is glowing with happiness! They chose to appearance spectacular and stylish total black images.

Dasha looked resplendent in a luxurious gown studded with sequins and with bare shoulders and open neckline. Bow it complements the elegant styling, elegant earrings and beautiful makeup, with an emphasis on bright lips.

Nikita, who was leading the ceremony, chose classic black pants, a corduroy jacket and a white shirt.

“Red carpet award M1 music awards. Five. Very happy to appear on such an important event for me with the most loved and the most powerful for me support. Want our eyes always shined so”, — said the ex-Bachelor.

Video: Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha Kvitkova (

He also posted a selfie with many guests and award winners — in the photo you can see the “Singer of the year” of Montica, Nadia Dorofeeva, son of captain Andrew and his mother Irina Gorovaya, Positive and others.

Никита Добрынин и Дарья Квиткова покорили стильным total black выходом

Netizens once again noted that Dobrynin and Kvitkova — very beautiful and cute couple and wished them happiness.

  • What are you steep, I’m very happy for your couple, I wish you long to look in one direction, and that smile was on your lips
  • VI nevereverland
  • I, Yak VI cool zerkova couple. so cool, what a project “the bachelor” really smyw your life) je Sens write in ‘spaventi’ project)
  • You are beautiful
  • Favorite
  • Dasha is gorgeous!
  • The most beautiful, I love you
  • Just look at you and my eyes are happy just you happiness and love
  • You are very cool
  • Duzhe krasiv Krut, sakahan zvazheni schaslivi. Vsogo Nekrasovo I have an a
  • VI molodci, I obonyo you. bereit single one
  • Very beautiful and harmonious couple
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