Ninel Conde is a trend at least expected


The actress is again a trend due to the attitude she had towards an admirer. Internet users call her 'arrogant'.

Ninel Conde is a trend at least expected

Ninel Conde. Viral video. Tiktok..Ninel posing. Source: Instagram @ninelconde Posted in TRENDS on 5/24/2022 · 11:11 a.m. Share this article

Ninel Conde is one of the most beautiful and beloved Mexican women for her great performance over the years on the small screen, however, these days She hasn't been as loved as we all thought. 

Recently, several people on social networks were a little upset about the actress's attitude, after a video went viral where to Ninel Conde She is seen getting out of a truck, and then entering a tent. What caught the attention and what bothered Internet users was the attitude and rudeness she had towards the only fan who was waiting for her.

It was through a TikTok< video /strong>, who looks like the only fan, waits for Ninel Conde to get out of his truck and take a picture with him, but none of that happened, since the actress gets out and doesn't even look at him, she runs him to one side with his hand and walks away from him, at full speed.

The video quickly went viral and the comments were not long in coming. Internet users strongly criticized her attitude towards the young man, calling her an “ arrogant person with a diva attitude “. The comments that stand out the most are “Oh, poor thing. If he was the only one who wanted to take a picture with her, that time was not going to take away anything”, “More humility”, “Only a fan was waiting for her and sent it to”, “The good thing that with social networks we realize of how some artists really are” were some of the thousands and thousands that can be read with the naked eye on the social network.

This attitude dazzled his fans a lot. Well, they never expected Ninel Conde to react like that, with so many airs of grandeur. Although, so far, the actress has not come out to give statements after such an act, despite this, her followers have decided to stop following her on social networks.


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