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Nintendo finally officially announces the Switch 2, but...

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Nintendo takes advantage of a recent meeting with its investors to finally discuss the rumors about what we call lacking something better, the Nintendo Switch 2.

While the information could not be thinner about it, the fact remains that the Switch 2 is unleashing passions, especially since it was reportedly shown during Gamescom which took place at the end of last summer .

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch

To quickly summarize the rumors about the next Nintendo console, it was reportedly shown to some developers at Gamescom , and Nintendo would have briefedActivision Blizzardabout it at the end of 2022.

But the rumor that will probably have the most impact on tech-savvy gamers is the possibility of using Nvidia's DLSS technology, Nintendo having apparently used the technical demo of The Matrix Awakenson the machine. Extremely demanding, this demo runs using the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, the most advanced to date.

All this suggests an unusually powerful console compared to what Nintendo has accustomed us to in recent years. Finally, rumors suggest that development kits have already been sent to some developers, so that they can work on games in time to release them on the platform, which should be released in the second half of 2024 strong>. Quite a program.

Nintendo denies the existence of the Switch 2, but…

In the person of Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa, the firm has spoken officially about the Switch 2, a great first. However, his statements are not likely to make many people happy.

Indeed, according to the Japanese media Mainichi, the Switch 2 does not exist not, and the rumors around the next Nintendo console would be “inexact”, the console having not been shown at Activision at the end of 2022, nor recently at Gamescom. So, should we lose hope? Well not quite! Nintendo has a habit of completely denying the existence of its consoles, before the company decides to talk to the public about it itself.

The Japanese giant has already given us several once did the trick, by announcing for example that no revision of the DS was planned, all this to announce the DS Lite literally the next day. While this isn't necessarily a sequel to the Nintendo Switch, it seems obvious that after 6 years of life, Big N's next console is around the corner.

So, what is Nintendo's interest in denying the existence of the console?

The Nintendo president's interest here is as obvious as Mario's nose in the middle of his face. Announcing that a new console is arriving soon would obviously cause a drop in sales of the current console, and thus a loss of earnings during the very lucrative Christmas period.

Nintendo finally officially announces the Switch 2, but... /></p>
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<p><strong>The Switch should still sell particularly well this year, so it would be a shame for Nintendo to deprive itself of it</strong>. Once again, the company will choose exactly when it wants to communicate on its next console, which we hope will happen sooner rather than later.</p>
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  • Nintendo has just officially raised the subject of the Switch 2 for the first time.
  • During a meeting with its investors, the firm through its CEO Shuntaro Furukawa denied the existence of the console as well as the rumors swirling around it.
  • Everything seems to indicate that the next Nintendo console will be released next year. There is no doubt thatthe firm will reveal it in due time, on its own terms.
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