No, AI won't replace writers, but it worries them

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The authors have a clear opinion on what artificial intelligence can bring to their profession.

No, AI will not replace writers, but it does worry them

For several years now, language-generating type AIs have been getting better and better more. We know in particular that artificial intelligences are capable of writing texts on a requested subject with results that are generally satisfactory, although imperfect.

If we are not yet at the point of seeing an algorithm writing the next Nobel Prize for Literature, this technological evolution can have a worrying aspect for authors. Dongwook Yoon, a researcher at the University of British Columbia in Canada, conducted a study with the latter.

His research team thus tried to understand how writers perceived this technological ferment. For this, 7 amateur authors and 13 professionals were interviewed.

AI struggles to produce creative writing

After showing them what a text generator type AI was capable of, they were asked to think about how collaborating with an algorithm could affect their business.

Amateur authors have shown themselves to be particularly disinterested in the idea of ​​working with a machine. They feel that they find joy in writing. They also say they fear that if an algorithm comes to their aid, the text produced will not be considered a real work of a writer, and some call the use of AI “cheating”.

< p>More surprisingly, professional writers are more interested in using a language generator if it makes them more productive. Some even consider using it as a “ghost writer” in order to translate their own ideas into writing.

They are also very confident in the ability of an AI to produce quality texts, if the task requested remains simple. Are thus mentioned: stylistic improvements, reformulation, and correction. On the other hand, and no doubt rightly, they do not trust the machine to accomplish more complex creative tasks. In this vision of things, artificial intelligence would ultimately only be a means to give free rein to the imagination and talent of authors.

But the reality can nevertheless be darker. In 2020, Microsoft announced its decision to lay off fifty American journalists and 27 others in the United Kingdom. All worked for his MSN news portal. The latter have been replaced by an AI which takes over their tasks which consisted of prioritizing information, modifying titles and publishing on the site.

The latter is not free from all reproach and has committed quite serious errors thereafter, and in particular a blunder in an article devoted to racism. You can read our article on this subject here.

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