No, Bruce Willis did not sell his image to a deep-faking company

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No, Bruce Willis didn’t sell his image to a deep fake company

Actor Bruce Willis has retired at the age of 67.

Bruce Willis' agent has denied reports that have been circulating since last week that the actor sold the rights to his face to Deepcake, a deepfake company.

A spokesperson for the actor told the BBC that no partnership or agreement has been reached with the company Deepcake. The latter also confirmed that only Bruce Willis had the rights to his face.

The American star announced that he was retiring from the film industry last March due to a diagnosis aphasia, a speech disorder.

On September 27, the British newspaper Daily Mailreported that a deal has been struck between Bruce Willis and Deepcake to create a digital twin for him that could allow the actor to appear on the big screen despite the illness.

The story was then picked up by several media before being refuted.

Particularly credible fake videos

Deepfaking is a technique that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to create highly realistic fake videos. These often feature celebrities or political figures.

Last year, a deep fake by Bruce Willis was used by a Russian telecommunications company to create an advertisement. At the time, the same company, Deepcake, said it worked closely with the actor to make the video.

The company claims that it has a large library of material to produce deep fakes featuring not only Bruce Willis, but also a host of well-known people.

A technique that is not unanimous

The use of AI is an increasingly widespread practice in the film industry. In its Star Wars spin-off Obi-Wan Kenobi, for example, Disney used technology to reproduce the voice of actor James Earl Jones, who once played Darth Vader.

This practice is controversial, however. In April, the UK Show Workers Union launched the Stop AI Stealing the Show campaign to respond to the concern that deep-faking could deprive actors and actresses of their work.

Others worry that stars will lose control of their image.

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