No judicial recount in Beauce-Nord, Luc Provençal elected

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No judicial recount in Beauce-Nord, Luc Provenç has been elected

Luc Provençal.

The Court of Quebec rejects the request for a judicial recount made by the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) in the riding of Beauce-Nord.

The court upheld the arguments of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and ruled the request inadmissible.

The CAQ candidate, Luc Provençal, officially wins with an advance 202 votes over his conservative opponent Olivier Dumais. The CAQ candidate breathes a sigh of relief.

I feel like I've done two more weeks of campaigning, but that's what it was necessary to have today's conclusion, launches Luc Provençal.

He takes this opportunity to reach out to voters in his riding who voted overwhelmingly for the PCQ on October 3.

My office will always be open to receive them. I'm there for all the citizens of Beauce-Nord, he assures.

In her judgment, Judge Nathalie Vaillant points out that the request for a judicial recount presented on October 7 by the PCQ is not in conformity. The official representative of the party, Patrice Raza, did not include at his request an affidavit in which he explains why he has reasonable grounds to believe that there were irregularities during the vote. This declaration is however essential, explains the magistrate.

The burden of proof rests with him as plaintiff. He must explain how and on the basis of what facts he has reason to believe in the presence of irregularities in the conduct of the electoral process that he is questioning, she writes.< /p>

The court therefore concluded that there was no evidence. The party's lawyer tried to remedy this situation by producing, on October 11, a sworn statement from candidate Olivier Dumais. However, this declaration is not substantial enough, according to the judge, in addition to having been submitted outside the time limit prescribed by law.

The court is of the opinion that this declaration does not pass the test, writes Judge Vaillant.

The PCQ was concerned about the rejection of 372 ballots in the October 3. That's more than the number of votes separating the CAQ and Conservative candidates. This argument was also not accepted by the court, which pointed out that 1.10% of the votes were rejected in Beauce-Nord compared to 1.35% rejected in all of Quebec.


The court cannot conclude that a reasonable person in the same situation has reasonable grounds to conclude that a recount is necessary on the strength of these isolated grounds, concludes the judge.

With the collaboration of Philippe Grenier

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