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No more paying in installments for everyone: merchants will have to first check if you can afford it

“No more paying in installments for everyone: merchants will first have to check if you can afford it”

The rules to access this ease payment methods will change and exclude many people from the system.

Go to a store, choose a product and leave without having paid for it. only part of the grade, the remainder being scaled according to your needs. over the two or three months coming is in vogue. 37% of French people have already resorted to.

If this facility payment system allows consumers to make their purchases without emptying their purse all at once, the rules will tighten up in the coming months. come. And everyone will no longer have access to it. this process. The European Union has in fact decided to to modify the law on the subject in 27 countries, including France. In France, at least two million people should no longer be eligible for payment in installments.

Today, solvency is increasing. The number of consumers resorting to payment 3 times without charge is not verified if the addition is less than €200. Everyone can therefore adjust these "small" amount, regardless of one's financial situation. This will no longer be possible in a few months.

Merchants will in fact have an obligation to ensure that the customer is solvent, even for an invoice in installments of 200 euros; or less. To do this, they will have access to the payment incident file of the Banque de France, the FICP, to ensure that the customer will be able to pay for the product.

If it turns out that this one is registered to the FICP, his request for payment in several installments will, a priori, have a good chance of being refused (out of prudence on the part of the seller), even if the entry on the file is not ;does not result in automatic refusal.

A major change since, today, so-called "split" less than 200 euros does not authorize this consultation. Today, around 2 million people are registered with the program. this incident file and could therefore no longer claim payment in several installments for small purchases.

Another new feature, and not the least: merchants will be required to “document these solvency procedures provides for the European text. In other words, they will have to report any late payment or non-payment. For the buyer, this means financial penalties and possible filing with the Banque de France.

For the moment, the new law is not yet applied in France. If the European Union has definitively adopted it, French law should conform to it. with EU directives in the coming months. The previous version of the text, currently in force, had been amended. validated by the Union in 2008 and transposed into French legislation two years later, in 2010.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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