No more waiting for an invitation to use the DALL-E image generator

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No more waiting for an invitation to use the DALL-E image generator

DALL-E allows to generate images from a textual description.

It is no longer necessary to register on a waiting list to try the beta version of SLAB. OpenAI's artificial intelligence (AI) powered image generator is now available to anyone who wants to use it.

To do this, simply register on the service.

Authenticators receive 50 credits for creating images for free. Users can then purchase them for 15 US dollars (just over 20 Canadian dollars) for 115 credits.

The specialized site Engadget, however, noted on Wednesday some authentication issues that prevented access to the program.

The DALL-E software has been trained with hundreds of millions of images pulled from the Internet, and it uses a latent diffusion technique to associate words and images. By means of a simple textual description, the tool generates images in almost any artistic style.

At the end of August, OpenAI extended some features of the DALL-E tool, in particular with the function that allows you to get out of the frame of an image.

DALL-E could also extend to d' other apps and services. OpenAI announced on Wednesday that it has begun work on a programming interface that could allow companies to integrate their results.

The company claims that 'it has effective systems for filtering out malicious, violent or sexual content.

Note that the creations remain the property of OpenAI, but that users are granted exclusive reproduction and display rights.

With information from Engadget, CNET, and Ars Technica

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