No sale: the free 250-euro app is junk

No sale: the free 250-euro app is junk

No sale: the free 250-euro app is junk

Panagiotis Kolokythas

The offer sounds tempting: In the Google Play Store there is a free Android game worth 250 euros. You get scrap.


Scrap in the Google Play Store: 250 Euro game free for Android

There are always cases that show that Google is not particularly thorough when it comes to quality control of the Android apps offered through the Google Play Store. A current case, to which the colleagues from Netzwelt also point out: A developer is offering the Android game “Agent Shot 3D – Cops shoot and hunt” for free by “sale”, which supposedly costs 250 euros. Sounds like an attractive offer at first. However, with Agent Shot 3D you get an extremely lousy game that also regularly annoys users with commercial breaks.

The developer promises a “relaxing puzzle game” with “difficult obstacles” and “fun and entertainment”. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. It’s a simple game that was quickly cobbled together with Unity.

The developer’s calculation should be clear: The users should be attracted by the apparently generous offer and the associated chart placements and be encouraged to install the Android game. Then the developer earns the money through penetrating advertising.

The fact that Android apps are financed through advertisements is nothing new. The fact that countless junk apps are also available in the Google Play Store is also not. It is rather surprising that Google is playing along with this “offer 250 euro game for free” and does not put a stop to the hustle and bustle. The ratings of the game displayed in the Google Play Store are also astonishing: the average rating is said to be five stars with over 2,100 ratings. If you take a closer look at the reviews in the Google Play Store, you will only find 1-star reviews from users who complain about the game. With words like

What a joke costs money and after each level comes a 30 second promotional video, uninstalled directly!

This is sooooooo bad! The worst game in 1000 years. Basically there is only advertising

That’s the last thing. It’s a shame that there are no minus 10,000 stars.

Ultimately, the case shows: Google should massively improve quality control and perhaps not offer every “scrap” to Android users via the Google Play Store. That would certainly not harm the entire Android platform …

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