Nokia's surprising prediction about the future of mobile phones

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Nokia's surprising prediction about the future of mobile

When leaving home we can forget even the keys but it is difficult for us to forget the mobile phone, an instrument that few people move a few meters throughout the day and most of them usually carry always on top

However, even if it's unthinkable today, in a few years this habit can change drastically. So much so. So humanity could forget about these devices, which will end up disappearing if the This is a surprising prediction from Nokia.

According to the director of Strategy and Technology of this brand, Nishant Batra, the phones Intelligent animals will disappear around 2030, in less than a decade.

If a meteorite is blamed for the disappearance of the dinosaurs, the culprit behind this technology What key in our lives is extinguished from the face of the earth will be the metaverse, says Batra, who points out that one only has to look at the movements of giants like Apple, Xiaomi or Facebook to realize that the metaverse is in progress. It was about to explode, taking the mobile phone sector by storm.

The Nokia executive indicates that this is not the time to trust oneself when seeing that mobile phone sales are now they remain firm because, business-wise, whoever does not have an eye on the immediate future may have their days numbered.