Nope: Jordan Peele already has an idea for his next film


On the red carpet at the premiere of Nope, Jordan Peele opened up about his future filmmaking plans.

The first reviews are in for Nope, Jordan Peele's third and newest film, and they're not announcing but good. While we feared we had already seen a little too much in the trailers, the feature film would turn out to be full of surprises and, as its director promised, would be a truly immersive SF experience. After Get Out and Us,Jordan Peele would therefore return with a show that lives up to expectations that he manages to renew for each of his projects, at least we really want to believe it.

Master in the art of teasing, the filmmaker has managed the feat, from the start of his career, to create the event for each of his films and to arouse general interest. This phenomenon having gained further momentum with the mystery covering Nope, he was asked on the red carpet of the premiere about his next project. After three films, some are already asking the question of the fourth. Briefly, Jordan Peele answered that this film would be made and that he already knows what to expect.

The director spoke at Deadline:

“You will know more when I want to. But I will stay in this universe that I love and which is, I think, the only one in which I am able to translate our world into it, to tell stories in it. a little horror, a little comedy, and whatever happens I will always try to provide you with a show that is worth watching.”

A philosophy that makes a lot of sense knowing the director's journey. Coming from comedy, where his humor knew how to disguise dark and serious themes, he arrived in horror cinema with a satirist's grammar. This balance between tones (comedy and dramatic) is now his trademark and should persist in his cinema.

< p class="center" style="text-align: justify;">As with Nope, which seems to blend horror and comedy even more than the previous two films, Jordan's future film Peele should continue in this way, between sublime and grotesque. A bold bet on his future filmography which, for the moment, is paying off, as he gives a strong identity to his feature films and, by extension, to the genre they represent. Film after film, Jordan Peele takes horror cinema down new and hopefully glorious paths.

So we can't wait to find out more about what the director is still preparing for us in the future, and just as eager to finally discover this UFO that is Nope and which lands in our theaters on the 10th next August in France (to know if he really confirms or not).


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