Nope: Jordan Peele loves Fincher and would like to make a movie about a psychopathic killer


During the promo for Nope, Jordan Peele revealed that he is a big fan of David Fincher and wants to make a film about a psychopathic killer.

Along with Quentin Tarantino and Park Chan-wook, David Fincher is widely cited as one of the best directors working, and rightly so. The filmmaker has signed so many great films between Seven, The Social Network and Zodiac, that we can honestly ask ourselves a very simple question: Has David Fincher ever made a bad movie?

Although he loves talking about cinema and sharing his influences, the American very quickly became an influence for many other filmmakers, including the highly prized Jordan Peele. From the top of his two films, the hypotonic and fascinating Get Out and the unsettling Us, Peele has established himself as a pro in genre cinema. With Nope, whose release is fast approaching , he could once again prove the extent of his talent.

Interviewed by Collider about his film, Jordan Peele rambled on and confessed his love for David Fincher, whom he considers a major influence:

“Can we talk about Fincher for a minute? Because Seven was very formative for me. […] I remember when I saw Alien 3, I thought it was a very dark film and above all a great third installment. I am obsessed with it. […] I think there is nothing better on Netflix at the moment than Mindhunter, I found the first season really incredible. One day or another, I should tackle one of the sub-genres that have influenced me the most, psychopathic killer films.”

If Fincher can be heard to be a major influence for Peele, that applies always putting his staging at the service of his story, like Fincher, we can't wait for him to devote himself to this sub-genre which seems to interest him so much. While Get Out and Us are populated by psychopathic killers, it's true that they don't feature serial killers the way Seven does. strong>or Mindhunter.

With Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun, Nope who has managed to keep its mystery, will tell the main story of a strange UFO and its consequences on the inhabitants of an almost deserted town in California. To find out if Peele will score his hat-trick,see you at the cinema on August 10, 2022.


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