Nord Stream 2 pipeline no longer leaks and Nord Stream 1 exhaust has decreased | War in Ukraine

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Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline no longer leaks and Nord Stream 1 exhaust has diminished | War in Ukraine

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The Nord Stream 2 pipeline gas leak seen from the air in the Baltic Sea.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which connects Russia and Germany, is no longer leaking into the Baltic Sea, a spokesperson told AFP on Saturday .

The water pressure has more or less closed the gas pipeline, so the gas that's inside can't get out, Ulrich explained. Lissek, spokesperson for Nord Stream 2.

The conclusion is that there is still gas in the pipeline, he added, without being able to specify the quantity.

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 infrastructures, built to bring Russian gas to Europe, were damaged by underwater explosions off a Danish island in the Baltic Sea on Monday, causing widespread boiling.

Information regarding the status of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline leak was not immediately available.

Moscow's cut in gas supplies is causing concern in European Union countries, where people are beginning to get used to the idea of ​​rationing measures. (archives)

Objects of geopolitical arm wrestling in recent months, the two pipelines operated by a consortium dependent on the Russian giant Gazprom are not operational due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine. But both were still full of gas.

On Friday evening, the Swedish Coast Guard announced that leaks on Nord Stream 2 showed great signs of abating due to the x27;exhaustion of the gas contained in the pipes.

The diameter of the surface bubbling caused by the leak located in the Swedish exclusive economic zone was then reduced to 20 meters, a width 10 times less than at the beginning.

The diameter of the boil on the surface of the leak on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline has decreased from almost 1000 meters to 600 meters on Sunday.

The larger Nord Stream 1 leak had also begun to weaken late Friday afternoon, bubbling 600 meters in diameter from 900 to 1000 when it started.

The Danish and Swedish authorities had estimated on Friday, in a letter to the UN Security Council, that the leaks should stop before Sunday, with the exhaustion of dozens of thousands of tons of gas contained in the gas pipelines.

All the information available to us indicates that these explosions are the consequence of a deliberate act, also wrote Sweden and Denmark, without pointing to a responsible country.

The origin of the explosions remains a mystery, however, with Moscow and Washington denying any responsibility.

Ukraine for its part claimed that these leaks were the result of a terrorist attack planned by Russia against the European countries opians.

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