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NordVPN offers from €117 to €432 immediate discount!

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Using a VPN will become almost essential in 2024 as the threats to our cybersecurity are numerous and varied. Without seeking much more cumbersome and complex alternatives, Virtual Private Networks stand out as the solution for those who want to combine simplicity and efficiency with security.

By allowing all budgets to access its premium service, NordVPN once again stands out from its competitors in a very competitive market. A quick overview of what NordVPN is offering at the moment!

The VPN that wants you good

NordVPN is known (and recognized) to offer ideal protection of the anonymity of its users. The software encrypts your data end-to-end using the AES-256-bit algorithm so no one can get their hands on it: tell the providers STOP internet access that scrutinizes your every move on the web.

A true secure tunnel, NordVPN also prevents unauthorized third parties (hackers) from intercepting any information concerning you. Your browsing data remains truly confidential.

When it comes to preserving anonymity and sensitive information, the company outperforms other premium VPNs by offering:

  • a feature Onion Over VPN allowing access to the dark web,
  • obfuscated servers to hide the fact that you are using a VPN
  • of Double VPN servers to add redundancy and eliminate any risk of being traced to you.

Finally, NordVPN is a virtual private network provider headquartered in Panama. What could be a detail is not: based in a country that escapes data retention regulations, NordVPN can therefore practice a strict no-log policy< /strong> as confirmed by Deloitte and PwC during their regular audits.

The company has 6 300 reliable and fast servers spread across 111 countries. This impressive infrastructure makes it possible to simulate a presence in any geographical area of ​​the world. For example, it only takes one click to go from the United States to Australia or from Cyprus to France; you decide.

Let's not forget that obtaining an IP address in countries like Switzerland or Belgium allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and take advantage of the full potential of the internet. For example, you will no longer miss MotoGP, Formula 1 or the Wimbledon tournament.

Lots of possibilities but a tight price!

The NordVPN offer is available in 3 levels: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate. Each formula exists with several commitment durations: 1 month, 1 year or 2 years. We don't particularly recommend taking out a monthly subscription; prefer the 1 year and 2 year plans which currently benefit from great discounts and a bonus surprise.

(over 2 years) already offers the ergonomic application which can be installed on 10 devices at the same time . The discount on the normal price here amounts to 59%: €81.36 instead of €198.96 is already €117 saved. And as if that wasn't enough, NordVPN adds a 1 GB eSIM card in partnership with Saily if you opt for the longest duration.

For a more complete service, turn to the Advanced pack which includes the NordPass password manager. NordVPN's intermediate offer here costs €4.39 per month thanks to a discount of 68% on the usual rate. There, it's 3 GB of free data with Saily to stay connected in more than 150 countries.

The discount even peaks at 72% on the Ultimate plan which offers 1 TB of online storage (NordLocker) but mostly opens the doors of the brand new Cyber ​​Risk Insurance. This NordVPN exclusivity protects you up to €5,000 in the event of a scam or fraudulent online purchases. At €165.36 instead of €597.36 for 2 years, it's 432€ savings without conditions and you leave as a bonus with a eSIM with 20 GB of data to consume for your travels.

A “satisfied or refunded” guarantee valid for 30 days: this is the last argument of NordVPN. Valid on all its offers, it allows you to test 100% of the functionalities then contact customer service to request a full refund at the end of a 1-month test period.

Whether it's to stay protected online or to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer when it comes to streaming (live sports competitions, series or films live or delayed) now is the right time to create a NordVPN account without commitment.

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