North Coast villages invite themselves into the electoral campaign | Elections Quebec 2022

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North-Shore villages join the election campaign | &Elections Québec 2022

The Ragueneau Market is located along Route 138 and is an important local business for the village of the same name.

Mayors and citizens of the North Shore are calling for measures to revitalize their villages. The labor shortage, the scarcity of housing and the state of the sewer systems are three files that elected officials want to see progress in the aftermath of the provincial elections on October 3.

Mayors of North Shore villages hope that the next Quebec government will do more to help local businesses that are struggling to find workers.

Ragueneau Mayor Raymond Lavoie wants the government to offer benefits to retirees who would like to return to the workforce.

I want to work on a law that would be for retirees, explains Mr. Lavoie. There would be no taxes to pay for 20 hours or 25 hours of work [per week], so that would give us skilled labor who could work for the [popular] credit union or for the restaurants.

The Mayor of Colombier, Claire Savard, supports the proposal of her counterpart. I would agree with that because there are some who retire quite young, at 50-60, who could still work, even part-time, who could help a lot in the community, she believes.< /p>

The Mayor of Colombier, Claire Savard

“ Companies are having a hard time finding people. »

— Claire Savard, Mayor of Colombier

At 77, Pauline Germain came out of retirement to work part-time in a small shop in Colombier. This employee at the La Mère Michelle confectionery wants above all to lend a hand given the lack of manpower.

I never thought I would go back to work, but I love what I do. I hope other people do the same, because it's rewarding too, hopes Pauline Germain.

Pauline Germain came out of retirement to help an entrepreneur in Colombier.

However, she does not want to be penalized if she has to repay a good part of her salary in taxes at the end of the fiscal year, or even lose part of her pensions.

On don't want to be penalized. We want to help, but we don't want to be penalized anyway. We want to work, troubleshoot, help: yes, that's for sure, but for a few months, explains Ms. Germain, who works three days a week mainly during the summer season.

A solution to the issue of housing for workers in Natashquan on the show Bonjour la Côte

To revitalize the villages, the owner of the convenience store in Franquelin, Karine Briand, is calling for solutions to the scarcity of housing.

It takes someone who would invest to make an apartment building, even in the school which is closed. Everything is possible. Even a home for the elderly could be really interesting, raises the entrepreneur.

The scarcity of housing is a problem that concerns several municipalities on the North Shore, particularly in Baie-Johan-Beetz, whose socioeconomic development is compromised. Its mayor, Martin Côté, expects help from Quebec for the housing file.

The village of Baie- Johan-Beetz

We have a particularity in Baie-Johan-Beetz, and I think this is the case in several villages in the region: it is that the construction costs are so high that the contractors are very hesitant, even that they don't come, to build or to put homes up for sale or rent, says Martin Côté.

Same story in Tadoussac, where the Municipality wants to welcome families, but there are no places to accommodate them. Mayor Richard Therrien explains that to address the labor shortage, it is absolutely necessary to find housing solutions.

To accommodate this workforce Work there, we need housing. We cannot house them in Tadoussac. We can't house them outside of Tadoussac, or at least very few of them, worries Richard Therrien.

Elected officials on the North Shore also hope that the next government will help municipalities upgrade wastewater treatment networks to reduce spills into the St. Lawrence River.

Franquelin is one of the municipalities in Eastern Quebec that discharges its wastewater into nature.

Wastewater treatment entails significant costs for municipalities.

Some of them have not yet brought their sewer systems up to standard , which means that these municipalities discharge their wastewater directly into a river, the St. Lawrence or the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The housing project in danger in Baie-Johan-Beetz to repair the aqueduct

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