North Korea recognizes 'independence' of Donbass and accuses Ukraine of violating Pyongyang's sovereignty


On July 13, North Korea officially recognized the “independence” of the so-called DPR and LPR, controlled by Russia. As a result, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with North Korea. North Korea accused Ukraine of violating the sovereignty of Pyongyang. Hromadske gave more details about the situation.

North Korea recognized 'independence' of Donbass and accused Ukraine of violating the sovereignty of Pyongyang

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There was no Kyiv with Pyongyang without it because of the international sanctions imposed on this country.

The Foreign Ministry condemned the actions of the DPRK and stressed that the recognition by the North Korean regime of the “independence” of the Russian occupation regimes in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions is negligible. It will not have legal consequences and will not change the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine.

The DPRK accused Ukraine of violating the sovereignty of the country

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said on July 15 that Ukraine has no right to raise the issue of its sovereignty after allegedly joining the “unjust and illegal” actions of the United States that violated the sovereignty of Pyongyang.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry said that Ukraine has previously helped the US limit Pyongyang's weapons programs, including through sanctions.

North Korea is convinced that its nuclear and missile programs are a means of self-defense. She accused the United States of “hostile policy” through the imposition of international sanctions and military exercises with South Korea.

“Ukraine has no right to question or challenge our legitimate exercise of sovereignty after the act, which seriously lacks honesty and fairness in relations between peoples, by actively joining the unjust and illegal hostile policies of the United States in the past,” the department said.

They assured that “and in will continue to strengthen and develop friendship and cooperation with all countries that respect our sovereignty and treat us favorably.


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