North Korea supports Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories

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North Korea supported Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories

the regions of Ukraine allegedly “decided to become part of Russia themselves.”

North Korea supported the annexation of part of the regions of Ukraine proclaimed by Russia. This was announced on Tuesday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, Reuters reports.

Pyongyang supported Moscow's statement that the regions allegedly “decided to become part of Russia themselves.”

Pseudo-referendums were held ” legal” under the UN Charter, but the United States has a “gangster double standard” after invading other countries, says North Korean Foreign Ministry Director General of International Organizations Jo Cheol-soo.

“unipolar world”, the US interferes in the internal affairs of independent countries and restricts their legal rights, abusing the UN Security Council,” the North Korean official believes.

The DPRK authorities once again stated that “the United States unleashed aggressive wars against sovereign states “, in particular, in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and also Iraq. But the US actions allegedly “were not questioned by the UNSC,” he added.

According to Jo Chul-soo, the Security Council will allegedly face consequences if it continues to pander to “the actions of Washington, as well as actions based on double standards”.

Recall that the DPRK assures that they have never transferred and do not plan to transfer weapons to the Russian Federation.

The New York Times previously reported that Russia was buying millions of artillery shells and missiles in North Korea.

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