North Korea unleashes the alarm with a missile that flies over Japan before falling into the sea

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    North Korea triggers the alarm with a missile that flies over Japan before falling into the sea

    The missilelaunched on Tuesday by North Korea in its latest weapons test flew over North Korea. the north of the Japanese archipelago, as announced by the Japanese authorities, who activated the alert in that area due to the trajectory of the projectile. The missile was fired into the Sea of ​​Japan, according to the report. the South Korean Army, while the Japanese Government indicated what It has fallen into an unspecified sea point after having activated the civil alert in the prefectures of Hokkaido and Aomori, the northernmost of the archipelago.

    The international reactions have not been long in coming. The president of the European Council, Charles Michel, condemned the this Tuesday “energetically” the launch of the ballistic missileof North Korea, forcing the Japanese authorities to declare the alarm. “I strongly condemn North Korea's deliberate attempt to endanger security in the region by firing a ballistic missile at Japan. An unjustified aggression and a flagrant violation of international law.” , Michel has said on his official Twitter account, where he showed also his support for South Korea.

    “North Korea today launched a missile to the east. This ballistic missile passed over the Tohoku region (northern Japan), and we consider it to have landed in waters outside the area.” Japan's exclusive economic situation, said the spokesman for the Japanese Executive, Hirokazu Matsuno, at a press conference.The spokesman also pointed out that there is no evidence of damage to aircraft or boats due to the missile impact.

    The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) detailed, for its part, that it was presumably from an “intermediate-range ballistic missile” launched from Jagang province, located to the north of the neighboring country and bordering China, in a statement. This is the first time that Japan has activated its civil alert system due to the trajectory of a missile since September 15, 2017, when another North Korean projectile flew over Japan. Hokkaido.

    Maneuvers in the Sea of ​​Japan

    The The new North Korean launch takes place after Tokyo, Washington and Seoul carried out joint maneuvers in the Sea of ​​Japan last week in order to counteract the development of weapons. North Korea's SLBM (Submersible Fired Ballistic Missile) Launches”, involving the US aircraft carrier USS 'Ronald Reagan'. North Korea has made another four rounds of missile launches since last day. to September 25, all of them with short-range ballistic projectiles, so today's test would be the largest range of their last test series.

    The first Japan's Minister Fumio Kishida has called the launch “barbaric” “It is a barbaric act and I express my strong condemnation of North Korea for it,” said Kishida to the local media after the new weapons test test from the neighboring country.