Not Elon Musk. It became known who will be the first to make a commercial flight to Mars


    Not Elon Musk. It became known who will be the first to make a commercial flight to Mars

    Two American companies that few have heard of want to make the first commercial flight to the Red Planet as early as 2024 year.

    Two private companies from the US Impulse Space and Relativity Space have joined forces to carry out the first ever fully commercial mission to Mars in two years. The rocket, which will be entirely 3D printed, will carry a space orbiter and lander to Mars, according to Gizmodo.

    Already in 2024, Relativity Space's Terran R launch vehicle, which will be completely created using a 3D printer, can be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. According to the plan, two spacecraft will be on board: the orbital Mars Cruise Vehicle and the landing Mars Lander, which are being created by Impulse Space. Permission to launch into space for these companies is valid until 2029. If all goes according to plan, thanks to the cooperation of two American companies, the first commercial mission in history will go to Mars.

    Not Elon Musk. It has become known who will be the first to make a commercial flight to Mars

    Two private companies that want to overtake Elon Musk

    Impulse Space was created by former SpaceX employee Tom Muller and the main activity of the company is the delivery of payloads into space and near-Earth space. As for the company Relativity Space, it is aimed at creating launch vehicles using 3D printing. The company is also engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

    “This is an incredibly important milestone in the history of both companies. It is also an important step forward for the entire space industry. We hope that the successful implementation of our mission will provide more opportunities for the exploration of Mars,” says Müller.

    Not Elon Musk. It became known who will be the first to make a commercial flight to Mars

    Nothing is ready yet

    But the most interesting thing is that neither Relativity Space has yet tested its new rocket, nor Impulse Space has not yet tested its devices. It is known that the first flight into space of the Terran R rocket is scheduled for the end of 2022. According to Mueller, this rocket will be able to deliver payloads to the Moon and Mars.

    According to the joint statement of the two companies, the Mars Lander will conduct research on Mars, which will contribute to the creation of a Martian colony in the future. But what exactly he will do is not yet known.

    First commercial flight to Mars

    According to the plan, the rocket will launch a payload into space, the two vehicles will fly together to the Red Planet and separate in orbit. Accordingly, the Mars Cruise Vehicle will remain circling around Mars, and the lander must land with a parachute and begin its work.

    Private companies are paying more and more attention to flights to Mars. Although before this announcement by the two companies, Elon Musk and his company SpaceX remained the only major player in the market for private space exploration of the Red Planet. The head of the company not only wants to send the first people to Mars in the next decade, but announced the goal of sending 1 million colonists from Earth to the Red Planet by 2050.

    Not Elon Musk. It became known who will be the first to commit commercial flight to Mars

    As for the news from Mars, Focus already wrote that the Perseverance rover discovered an alien object on the Red Planet that looks like half-eaten spaghetti.

    More Focus wrote that the European Space Agency has completely stopped cooperation with the Russian Federation in terms of exploring the Red Planet and searching for signs of microbial life on it.

    How already wrote Focus, a scientist from the UK believes that if people can fly to Mars, then the first such flight will take place no earlier than in the 2040s. The scientist believes that until that time humanity will not have such an opportunity due to several factors.


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