“Not enough to tell me what to do”: party “X-factor” made a loud statement…

«Не хватало, чтобы мне рассказывали, что делать»: участник «Х-фактора» сделал громкое заявление...

Participant of the tenth season of the “X-factor” (STB), a popular Belarusian TV presenter and singer George Koldun called a sex symbol of the project. George is a member of the team “30+”, which takes care of Olya Polyakova. By the way, the artist herself admits that the Sorcerer is her favorite.

In an exclusive interview to “FAKTY” George the Warlock admitted, pleased with his performance on the first live and wants you to win the project.

— As with any move on this project, the first live show was for me very important, — said Georgy. – Though I can’t say that the day before I was sure that I pass on. Know, is always uncertain. I’m much less worried after the fact, than before they go on stage. For me the main task — to give my all to the moment, while not having to listen to any comments about yourself. Then just starts the inner work with yourself — am I satisfied with my performance, all I was able to translate.

«Не хватало, чтобы мне рассказывали, что делать»: участник «Х-фактора» сделал громкое заявление...Team Olya Polyakova

— Are you satisfied with first air?

— Actually not as much as would have wished. In principle, I am always quite critical about yourself, and I think it is quite normal history. Of course, do not eat, but on “X-factor” I was not the usual conditions. This is a collective work. I joined the story that invented the Directors have conducted Directors, brought the musicians. I depended on many people, so worried, how was this organic. You can, of course, to treat everything much easier. I think it all came together for 80 percent of how I wanted it to be. It is necessary to consider a stressful situation…

— Your room was some kind of hiccup?

— Is it live, there were some technical issues, and it is necessary to prepare the stage for the performance the next competitor. In fact, no surprise, was not, and the audience, by and large, have no reason to guess. Quite difficult to “dress” the scene unbeknownst to the audience. But this is the magic of television.

«Не хватало, чтобы мне рассказывали, что делать»: участник «Х-фактора» сделал громкое заявление...

— How much of your life already lasts for “X-factor”?

From July this year. But it shows up in my life sporadically. First I flew to Kyiv from Minsk just for one day. Even without overnight stay. Then there was training camp — three days. And now we, the participants gathered all together for the week before the start of the live broadcasts.

— Who inspired you to take part in the Ukrainian vocal project?

— Not enough that at my age someone told me what to do! I am a very independent man. Maybe it was just my facial expression that I seem to need a prompter. Actually no.

For me “X-factor” — in its way a kind of adventure. No more. I simply refer to such things. Took it and went. All this happened spontaneously. Any plans I did not build. I just came across the announcement of the start of the auditions, I sent in my video entry. Then I got a call, and it all began.

There are things I do in life intuitively. Participation in the “X-factor” is one of them. I was watching the draft online sometimes. I liked that it is not only vocal project, but also about people. It has played a role in the fact that I wanted to participate — so I feel more comfortable than, say, a vocal “athlete”. I have no problem to show all your vocal range. Moreover, I have no musical education. What I sing, just a need to Express themselves.

— In Belarus you are quite a popular singer.

— Yes, sometimes perform concerts, write songs, shot a video — by the way, in Kiev. Just see the public reaction to their performances — they like. Understand that there are people who sing much better than me. But I Express my emotions, I guess. So the format of the “X-factor” for me is closer to, say, “Voices.” And we, in Belarus, unfortunately, such large-scale projects there.

«Не хватало, чтобы мне рассказывали, что делать»: участник «Х-фактора» сделал громкое заявление...

— What did your brother, a popular singer Dmitry Koldun, knowing that you are involved in “X-factor”?

— I do not advertise it. We had history when he rode once on “Factory of stars” without telling me, and I did the same. I just don’t like to brag about intentions. I told my brother when he was already in training camp, he wished me luck.

— What mode are you in now?

— Strict. We are constantly preparing for Saturday’s ether — trips to the Playground shooting. The week before the second air particularly tense. The fact that I work with leading Belarusian TV. We are currently shooting the project, and I need to be is in the pavilion in Minsk. Up until Saturday. We record in the morning, then I fly to Kiev, in the General run of “X-factor”, then go live, and at night sit on the plane and again in Minsk, to donimate in the project. In parallel, of course, rehearsing. Mode, for example, is not the most convenient. But I’m doing work that I like and brings pleasure. Although an energy-consuming thing.

— You have a large army of fans. Thought what you will do with the victory?

— Actually singing career in Minsk I have a long time. Whether to start her in Ukraine do not want to think. I’ll solve problems as they arrive. Even not winning, and showing himself, getting more audience, I’ll settle for this. I do in life nothing is free. This, I may just give the impression of a happy man. But what you have is a huge piece of work — both internal and external.

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