Not only women can benefit from this solution. You can get up to PLN 1,000 for the pension you receive

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Not only women can take advantage of the “Mama 4+” pension!

 Not only women can take advantage of this solution. You can get up to 1000 PLN for the received pension

According to the “Parenting” portal, the benefit popularly referred to as the “Mama 4+” pension is available not only to women, but also to men. What conditions must be met in order to receive the benefit? What is the amount of the benefit?

Maternal pension – how much is it?

Some time ago, the so-called maternity pension. In accordance with the regulations introduced by the legislator, this benefit is subject to indexation, which means that its amount changes. In 2022, its maximum amount is PLN 1,340 gross.

The highest amount can be counted on by those who do not have an existing right to another benefit (disability or retirement pension). If a person is in receipt of a different benefit, the maternity pension may be reduced accordingly. Only those people whose benefit is lower than the minimum benefit are entitled to it.

 Not only women can take advantage of this solution. You can get up to PLN 1000 for the pension you receive

Retirement for whom” Mama 4 + “

Since 2019, up to several million Poles have been entitled to the payment of the benefit commonly referred to as” Mama 4+ “. A supplementary parental benefit may be used by those who have left work focusing on childcare.

Importantly, the number of children cannot be lower than 4. Additionally, it is required that a person applying for a “maternity pension” should not receive any benefits or receive them in an amount lower than the minimum benefit. The last condition is reaching retirement age – for women it is 60, for men 65.

Application needed

The maternity pension is not paid from the automat and a special application must be made to receive the money. The completed form must be submitted to the facility of the Social Insurance Institution.

The application should be accompanied by an ERU form, which contains information about the applicant's family situation, material and personal situation. This is a bit different for men who would like to take advantage of a maternity pension.

 Not only women can take advantage of this solution. 1000 zlotys for the pension received

Men must also provide: a certificate of their own income, a death certificate (in the event that their wife has died), if the mother's parental rights have been limited, adequate information must be provided on this. It is also necessary to indicate breaks in raising children, together with the reason for the break.

What do you think about the “Mama 4+” benefit?

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