Nova Scotia agrees to reopen Donkin Coal Mine

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Nova Scotia agrees to reopen Donkin Coal Mine

In the past , the mine has regularly violated occupational health and safety standards, in addition to producing too many greenhouse gases.

A truck leaves the Donkin mine site in Cape Breton.

The Nova Scotia Department of Environment has renewed industrial approval for the Donkin Coal Mine in Cape Breton for the next seven years.

The ministry says it has set strict conditions for the owners, Kameron Coal Management, to continue operating the underground mine.

Under the terms, the company must take steps to limit noise and must provide reports twice a year on the performance of a degassing system, which must be operational by March 14.

The mine must also fully comply with its greenhouse gas management plan, monitor its air and groundwater quality, and address any complaints from the local community within five working days.

Kameron Coal must also submit annual compliance reports to the Department of Environment by April 1 each year, with details of operating conditions and monitoring results.

The Donkin Colliery, about 12 kilometers east of Glace Bay, ceased operations in 2020, but its ventilation system is still working.

The mine resumed operations in mid-September after closing in March 2020, following the fall in coal prices and collapsing ceilings in the tunnels, which led the government to repeatedly stop work.

The Ministry of Labor said it had issued 152 warnings ts and 119 compliance orders at Kameron Coal since work began at the mine in February 2017.

Environmentalists have raised concerns about mine safety due to poor Kameron's balance sheet.

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