“Now I would go to Como”: on telegram and instagram* they discuss the “tackling” of 31-year-old Alexander Kokorin to 15-year-old Tonya Khudyakova


    Tonya Khudyakova and Alexander Kokorin

    Telegram and Instagram * discuss the correspondence between 31-year-old football player Alexander Kokorin and 15-year-old Tonya Khudyakova, who has already been called a “tackle”. Suspicions were raised by the athlete's comment under the girl's last post on Instagram *, in which she boasted of a diploma of graduating from the ninth grade of Moscow school No. 1239.

    I can’t imagine my facial expression after graduating from 11th grade here and 12th grade in America. I will no longer have a face. It was hard, but only the brightest moments remained in my memory. I love my school, my classmates and teachers. I would never trade this experience for any other. And although due to exams in June in America, I receive a certificate in Moscow later than the rest of the ninth graders, I am extremely happy, though empty, but the most dear school in the world,

    — wrote Tonya, who is also a popular blogger — all thanks to her luxurious lifestyle, ballroom dancing classes and rather revealing photos in swimsuits.

    Tonya Khudyakova

    Alexander Kokorin replied to her in the comments:

    Right now, I would go to Como, but not all of this (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. — Note ed. .).

    This did not go unnoticed.

    Only it seems to us that the imprisoned footballer Kokorin (who considers himself a teenager at 31) is rolling up in the comments to 15-year-old schoolgirl Tonya Khudyakova?

    — wrote in the telegram channel “Only to anyone”.

    Other subscribers of Tony also reacted to the footballer's remark.

    Right now, an adult man with his family would bomb comments to schoolgirls, and not that's all,

    — wrote user @and_gum_.

    Tonya reacted to this comment with “facepalms”, and Kokorin stated that he — teenager.

    Everyone is shocked by what is happening,

    — the user @boutique_me supported the outrage.

    The user @lemoneddahlia in the discussion reminded everyone that Kokorin is a friend of the Khudyakova family (father Tony — famous music video director Pavel Khudyakov).

    Alexander Kokorin and Tonya Khudyakova

    Tonya herself has been friends with Alexander for a long time: they once vacationed together in the Maldives (then their joint photos on a scooter also caused discussion), and in 2018 Tonya supported Kokorin during the time of the scandal with the fight in “Coffeemania”.

    They don't put everyone in jail [for fighting]. Why Sasha? He is a close friend of my parents and mine too. I know him well. Sasha is very kind and good. I spent a lot of time with him and he never threw himself at anyone, beat him, did not offend,

    — then Khudyakova wrote on Instagram *, noting that he “does not deserve such hatred and persecution.”

    In 2018, Kokorin, together with the football player Pavel Mamaev, his brother and another acquaintance, beat several people. As a result, he was sentenced to one year and six months in prison to be served in a penal colony. In July 2019, he was transferred to a colony in the Belgorod region, and on September 6 he was released on parole along with Pavel Mamaev.

    Kokorin's sports career is now in question. Since 2021, he has been playing for the Italian club Fiorentina, but recently the club's management offered him to terminate the contract for the payment of a severance pay (about 2 million euros). The player refused. Kokorin's successes in the club are still very modest: in 11 matches for the Italian team, the striker did not score with effective actions and earned two yellow cards.

    *Instagram belongs to the Meta company, recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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