Nutritionists spoke about the benefits and dangers of canned fruit

Many people in the winter in order to save the resort to purchase canned fruit. Nutritionists spoke about the benefits and harms of these products.

Диетологи рассказали о пользе и вреде консервированных фруктов

The greatest demand in winter, use products that can become a substitute for fresh plant products. Experts say, in fact people make a mistake of choosing such an alternative, as in the processing of fruits and berries lose much of the nutrients and fiber, in contrast to canned fish, and 50% of vitamin C. in Addition, when cooking chemicals are used to significantly extend the shelf life. Some damage can cause and oxidized metal packaging.

However, specific contraindications nutritionists do not sound, but warning, when buying canned fruit is better to consider them not as replacements fresh as the transition from sweets to less harmful products. This is especially important for people with diabetes. If the disease is not forced to limit the diet, it is better to choose the jam.

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