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NVIDIA: why the price of current graphics cards should increase further soon ?

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Another new twist regarding NVIDIA graphics cards. Every PC gamer will have the traumatic memory of spending hours and hours on Discord's uptime servers trying to buy one of the rare models available at the time of Covid.

A pandemic which led to a real shortage of components, which of course impacted the supply of the market leader for several months. Fortunately, the end of this shortage has been announced by NVIDIA, but the players are not at the end of their troubles…

More supply problems to be expected& nbsp;?

With ever-increasing prices, the price of graphics cards is necessarily a major subject for PC gamers. Amounting up to 1769 euros for the most high-end model of NVIDIA (and more than 2600 with certain partners), each generation experiences a significant increase which ends by eating into players' budgets.

Only, new reports from China worry us about increasing demand and the difficulties in meeting it from the company with an incredible stock market value.

Rumors of increases

According to information from these reports, NVIDIA partners are counting raise the prices of current graphics cards by at least 10% to meet this growing demand.

NVIDIA: why the price of current graphics cards should increase further soon ?

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia. © Nvidia

Information that arrives a few days after an increase in graphics card prices in China from Asus, Gigabyte and Zotac in particular. While the increase is currently limited to the Middle Kingdom, there is a good chance that the rest of the world will also be impacted.

But why is the demand so high ?

When gaming is probably the first thing that comes to mind mind when we think of NVIDIA graphics cards, this is probably not the main reason for this supply which fails to meet demand. There is a possibility that the company does not want to depreciate the price and therefore prevents the production line from running at full capacity.

However, it will be a while before the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards are available. The other logical explanation is to say that AI needs significant computing power, and that the exploitation of NVIDIA CGs in the field ends up leading to an increase in their prices.

And the RTX 5000 series then ?

Based on the , the next series of graphics cards using GDDR7 is expected to arrive in the last quarter of 2024 according to rumors. A series which should once again bring prices to new heights, even if we hope that the increase remains reasonable.

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