NYT: Russian planes in August bombed a refugee camp in Syria, killing 19 people (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

NYT: российские самолеты в августе разбомбили лагерь для беженцев в Сирии, погибли 19 человек (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Russian planes in August attacked the Syrian camp for displaced families, killing 19 people, including four families, children and pregnant woman. About this newspaper The New York Times, citing photos and videos of witnesses of events, records of negotiations of pilots and logbooks that are received from observers in Syria.

The camp was situated on the outskirts of the city Haas, 8 miles from the nearest front line. According to local residents, next to no military objects, which could become the target of the attack. According to the NYT, the air RAID was made on 16 August at 19:17 local time. 19:12 observers saw Russian aircraft in the area Haas, and five minutes later the pilot under the code name 4-64 confirmed the airstrike, saying in Russian: “Sent”. In a minute after the first strike, the aircraft appeared again.

The explosion occurred in the courtyard of the residential complex. According to eyewitnesses, at this time there is a rest from the heat a few families, children were playing. The bomb destroyed several buildings around the courtyard. The newspaper notes that footage from the scene received from the ambulance staff of the “Syrian civil defense” (“White helmets”), “too horrible to describe.”

Several residents of the camp at the time of the bombing was resting in the yard after a game of football. Among the victims, according to eyewitnesses, also, there were women with their babies out on the street to get some air.

Earlier this year, the editors of the NYT have received thousands of records of negotiations of the Russian and Syrian pilots performing bombing in Syria, according to the article. Journalists spent months to translate and decipher the code words, confirming launching projectiles, including various Russian phrases: “Load”, “Send candy” and “21”.

In July, the Deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria mark Cutts spoke about “one of the most deadly” attacks on areas inhabited by civilians in Idlib. The most significant blow was struck in a popular market in Maaret-EN-Numan, the result of which killed at least 39 people, including eight women and five children. According to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights (SOHR), the RAID carried by Russian planes.

Under fire were also market Sarakeb, killed eight people, including a woman and four children. In Aleppo, a mortar attack killed seven civilians. The UN representative said that these attacks were made a week after the shelling of the market in elibscn the village of Maar-Brother-in-law. Then killed 12 civilians and injured 20.

In mid-October, The New York Times reported that in may, Russian planes bombed four Syrian hospital for 12 hours. Each of them, according to the world health organization, was supported by the United Nations “list of conflict resolution”, that is, they had to be protected from attacks.

Official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said, “serious publication was the victim of manipulation by terrorists and British intelligence”, as represented in the published evidence of the attack “not worth the paper on which they were printed”.

In early November, the UN representative for human rights Rupert Colville said that over the past six months in Idlib province were attacked more than 60 medical institutions. According to him, these objects, apparently, were deliberately selected as targets of forces associated with the Syrian government.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the Syrian troops with the support of Russia conducted airstrikes on school, hospital and residential buildings, resulting in 12 people were killed, about 40 were injured. In this regard, Pompeo called on Syria and Russia to cease hostilities in the areas populated by civilians.

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