Obesity in the abdomen is the most dangerous: how to calculate your normal weight

Ожирение в области живота — самое опасное: как высчитать свой нормальный вес

In many countries, scientists and doctors are fighting with obesity, telling people about the dangers of overweight, developing weight loss programs. The most dangerous visceral (brown) fat — obesity in the abdomen. Fat cells can not cope with a large amount of fat, and it enters the bloodstream, causing eventually problems of the cardiovascular system — atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. At overweight is also developing fatty liver (part of liver is replaced by fat), metabolic syndrome, gout. White fat located in the abdominal cavity around the organs, liver, pancreas, heart, intestine, secretes a protein that increases insulin resistance and leads to type II diabetes. A large amount of visceral fat is also associated with the development of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, dementia.

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Recently, scientists from the University of Western Australia found that obese fatty tissue appear even in the lungs. And that is what causes them breathing problems, asthma attacks. Because of the fat the lungs are compressed, restricted the flow of oxygen and leads to inflammation. Many of those who suffered from asthma and obesity also have fat deposits in the arteries.

Experts recommend to cut weight. The easiest formula that you can calculate your normal weight — for-height minus 100 (for men) and minus 110 for women. It is important that the waist was not more than 82 inches for women and no more than 94 centimetres for men.

With a slight excess weight, scientists say, fat, including white, even useful. During menopause in women it produces hormones that protect against osteoporosis (decreased bone density) and fractures. White fat helps store energy and to keep warm in winter. But if it’s too much, there are problems with health. There are more brown fat. It turns out that it helps to burn white fat. By the way, slender people are more brown fat than those who are overweight. This fat is located in the region of the kidneys, back, shoulders, neck.

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