Occupational therapy as a tool for patients struggling with long COVID

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Occupational therapy as a tool for patients struggling with long-term COVID

Occupational therapist Évelyne Blais (left) and Sandra Dumas, long-term COVID patient (right).

The long COVID is still disrupting the daily lives of hundreds of people in the region, who can no longer live their lives at the same pace since they contracted the virus. In Sherbrooke, occupational therapy services in a private clinic allow some patients to resume a more normal life.

Sandra Dumas is one of these patients.

I finally had two COVIDs, including a first infection in January, she says.

When she contracted COVID-19 last year, she expected to recover for a few days, like most people with the virus.

After the rest period, the return to work is done. There is a small headache that remains, but that does not prevent me from functioning, she continues.

A second infection that occurred in March, however, left traces in the daily life of the Sherbrooke resident.

Back to work, more tired it&#x27 is sure, but in the days that followed, the condition gradually deteriorated, she notes.

The long COVID preventing her from functioning as before, Mrs. Dumas chose, in November, to seek help from an occupational therapist from the ISO-Santé clinic.

“It's been night and day for me. First, someone was able to really explain to me what was happening to me. »

— Sandra Dumas, ISO-Santé patient

These people clearly have needs compatible with occupational therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology a little bit, explains occupational therapist Évelyne Blais.

Occupational therapist Évelyne Blais.

We went to get as much information as possible to feel ready to receive our first customers with the long COVID, it was in June 2021, she adds.

About half of the requests received by the clinic are from people struggling with long-term COVID.

We cannot claim to remove the person's symptoms. All we can do is manage them. Small steps, small daily things that can help the person feel less intense symptoms, says the occupational therapist.

It's a great sense of security that sets in. It's to tell me “ok, there everything is in place so that I can really recover”, rejoices Sandra Dumas.

In the public network, Dr. Alain Piché's clinic specializes in the treatment of long-term COVID. The specialist himself recommends patients to consult ISO-Santé specialists.

It is important, for a comprehensive care of these patients, to have an interdisciplinary team, to have a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists who can support these patients- there, so we established a public-private partnership with the ISO-Santé clinic and the CURE clinic, which are two rehabilitation clinics that have extremely great expertise in long COVID, explains Dr. Piché.

205 patients are currently being treated at Dr. Piché's public clinic. Its waiting list has 383 people waiting to be followed.

“The goal is for people who are dealing with long-term COVID are aware that resources exist and that these resources can make a big difference. »

— Sandra Dumas, ISO-Santé patient

With information from Pierrick Pichette

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