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Officials want to move illegal immigrants from border regions to other cities to mask the problem

The Biden administration is working on plans to bus immigrants from crowded border communities in Texas and take them to cities and towns hours from the border, according to the NewYorkPost.

Officials want to move illegal immigrants from border regions to other cities to mask the problem

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San Angelo, Texas, about three hours from the US-Mexico border, has been chosen as the bus destination for immigrants, Republican Rep. August Pfluger said.

“San Angelo is a welcoming community, but local residents have not volunteered to participate in this mission and are not responsible for the burden of the border crisis,” said Pfluger, who represents the region in Congress. – This situation is a direct result of the short-sighted policies of the Department of Homeland Security, which encourage the growth of illegal immigration, and the agency's failure to establish operational control over the southern border.

Pfluger said he was alerted to the situation by San Angelo law enforcement, who were alarmed by the ability to take in large numbers of immigrants. The population of San Angelo is just over 100,000 people.

In a letter to DHS, Pfluger demanded to know what the department's plans are for moving immigrants to San Angelo or other cities in Texas, whether selected communities will receive any notification that people are heading their way, and whether DHS will provide local leaders with biographical data. new arrivals.

Pfluger said he has only been contacted by customs and border officials so far, and he said that San Angelo was just being considered as a possible location, but no plans have been set at this time.

“You can only assume that they are looking for other places or that plans may change in the future,” Pfluger said.

Currently, immigrants who cross the border illegally and seek asylum are released after being processed by the border guard and ICE. They are usually dropped off at bus stations in border areas such as Del Rio, Texas, where the Stripes gas station doubles as a bus depot. The immigrants then usually head to cities in the interior of the United States and do not plan to stay in the border areas. While they are waiting for a bus ticket or an air ticket to their final destination, they usually stay in small border towns, sometimes without a place to sleep.

“Yes, this will partially relieve the burden on the border communities, but then it will create problems in other communities,” said Robert Bo Nettleton, Commissioner of Val Verde County, Texas. Texas officials have identified the county as one of three border crossing hotspots.

“We don't solve problems. We are just moving people to different places to give the impression that there are not as many people on the border as we usually see,” the commissioner said. – It's a political ploy to say, “Look, these communities don't have this problem anymore because we've solved it.” You solved it for this community but didn't solve the problem. You've just moved the problem.”

An internal DHS document shows DHS' plan to buss immigrants to Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Houston, Dallas, and other cities. Critics say San Angelo is the first small city without immigrant resources to be named as a possible location.

“The city can't handle it. They don't have the resources to deal with it, they don't have the NGOs to deal with it,” Nettleton said of San Angelo, adding that he predicted many immigrants would end up on the streets.

This is not the first time that politicians have taken immigrants from the border by bus. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has used public funds and donations to send 65 buses carrying more than 2,000 people to Washington, D.C. since April.

Now more new American cities and towns away from the border will have to share the burden, which fell on the shoulders of the border communities.

“There are still many people in these major cities in the United States who don't really think there is a 'border problem' because they don't have it, but when they find thousands of migrants in their backyard, then maybe they'll realize there's a problem,” Nettleton said.

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