Officials wash their hands on the case and the townspeople are heartbroken. They did not know that their houses could collapse into the abyss at any moment

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“The State in the State” showed the case of the inhabitants of Kielnarowa near Rzeszów.

 The officials are washing their hands on this, and the inhabitants are broken. They did not know that their houses could collapse into the abyss at any moment

Portal & ldquo; Polsat News & rdquo; states that people who bought their houses on the hill in Kielnarowa near Rzeszów a few years ago have huge claims against the developer and the commune.

As it turns out, the buildings were built in an area at risk of landslides, and the first one took place in the spring of last year. At the moment, there is not even an access road anymore. The municipality says that corrective action has already been taken, but nothing has improved so far.

The devastated residents indicate that they have been deceived, and the developer who built the estate must have known about the problem beforehand and simply did not inform them about it when they bought it.

& ldquo; The developer who built estate, has nothing to complain about. Before the purchase, he did not inform the client about the ground on which their houses were located, and the buildings were built without the necessary security & rdquo; – reports the reporter of & ldquo; States in the State & rdquo ;.

Similar complaints are also addressed to the starosty, which issued a building permit to the investor, despite the fact that the plots were entered in the register of land threatened by landslides. Officials, in turn, explain that they did it on the basis of the submitted documents and the opinion of a geologist. He, however, committed suicide a few months ago.

The residents feel deceived and have already reported the case to the prosecutor's office. They will also demand payment in court.

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