Okean Elzy released a song about the war in Ukraine


Okean Elzy released a song about the war in Ukraine

The composition was written in during the first phase of the war, when the Russian Federation invaded Donbass and occupied Crimea.

The Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy has released a new composition and a video called Kviti Minnih Zony. The musicians released the video on their Youtube channel on Wednesday, July 27.

It is noted that the song was written before the start of a full-scale war, and was supposed to be included in the album, scheduled for April 2022.

The video was filmed a few weeks ago. It contains documentary footage that was filmed in the Donbass.

According to the idea of ​​director Oleg Tomin, events take place in two dimensions – life in the rear and military operations on the fronts of the war for the freedom and independence of Ukraine.

< p> “But the most important thing is not two parallel worlds, but our common, one reality for all. When at a distance of an arm – war, at a distance of an arm – rear. Anxiety, pain, sleepless nights of waiting for a short message “everything is fine with us” , “I'm fine”, “alive” or just “+”. And then – rage towards the enemy, which turns into determination, courage and unshakable faith in the liberation of every meter of our country. And we are moving towards this goal, we are all together, each on their section of the united front,” the musicians shared.

In addition, the musicians are calling for joining the #RoadsPeremogi project – raising funds for new pickup trucks for the defenders of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk came under artillery fire during a concert for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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