Oksana Lavrentyeva about cheating: “Several people advised me to fall in love, to have an affair on the side in order to lose weight”


    Oksana Lavrentyeva about cheating:

    Oksana Lavrentyeva

    Oxana Lavrentyeva, co-owner of Independent Media, founder of Rusmoda and blogger, published a telegram post on how to avoid betrayal.


    All people and situations are different. Therefore, the reasons for cheating, as well as for gaining excess weight, are different for everyone. But I would highlight a few common ones. First and main — this is ignorance. Just a lack of knowledge and lack of information. We are very little informed and usually do not know what promiscuous sexual relations and betrayal are fraught with from an energy point of view, and we consider them to be something quite harmless and even natural. We do not understand the nature of sex, sexual relationships and sexual energies. The vast majority of people in the world are deluded and have great illusions about sex.

    All the ancient precepts that you need to marry a virgin and never cheat on your husband have serious grounds. When a woman gets a “clean” man, her original natural “bank” of energy is full, and then a man can endlessly draw strength, inspiration, energy from it and achieve unprecedented success in his business,

    — written by Oksana.

    Lavrentyeva is sure that a woman energetically feeds her entire family with her chastity, purity and fidelity. However, now, according to the businesswoman, we live in an age of debauchery, when “even a married woman is for some reason required to be hypersexual until old age, and it is strange to marry a virgin.”

    Oksana Lavrentyeva about cheating:

    We are imposed as the norm of life with the idea that you need to try everything, that sex without obligations, sex toys and pornography are supposedly necessary for health. Sexologists explain to us how useful masturbation is and how harmful abstinence is. Children are taught in schools to change gender and not know who you are — boy or girl is fine. Among teenagers, polyamorous relationships are now fashionable, and everyone who resists all this obscurantism is called retrogrades and old believers.

    Agree when you share problems with your beloved spouse — this is one thing, and quite another — share them with all partners with whom he periodically sleeps, if trips to the left are allowed in your marriage. The expression “brought dirt into the family” about betrayal was born, obviously, for a reason.

    The second reason for the change — it's a feeling of impunity. Those who cheat are sure they can get away with it. They know that they will be forgiven, and it seems to them that betrayal — it `s naturally. Several people advised me to fall in love, to have an affair on the side in order to lose weight … That is, betrayal — it's a socially approved story.

    The third reason — it is the absence of values ​​in our lives. One of them, for example, — the ability to keep one's word and respect one's choice. When we get married, we make vows of fidelity that we ourselves do not believe. In our time, everyone treats oaths as something lightweight: people swear by the health of children, the health of mothers.

    The fourth reason I think is laziness and cowardice. When, instead of solving a problem that has arisen in marriage, you don’t want to do it, don’t want to spend time on it, you’re scared to say that something doesn’t suit you, it’s easier for you to go to the side.

    The last reason I think is the lack of love. Because when you truly love a person, you don’t even imagine sex with another, you don’t even want to flirt with another. You know that betrayal — even thinking about it, betrayal — replay sex with others in your head. Because love — this is the absolute exclusivity of a loved one for you in front of the whole world,

    — Oksana added.

    The businesswoman has been married to writer Alexander Tsypkin for more than four years now. They met at a charity event, at first their relationship was exclusively friendly, but gradually they grew into love. The couple registered their marriage on June 11, 2018 at the Barvikha registry office, and then went with the star guests to the nearby Veterok restaurant.

    Oksana Lavrenteva about cheating:

    Alexander Tsypkin and Oksana Lavrentieva


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