Oldest 'complete sentence' found in Israel

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The oldest “Full sentence” discovery in Israel

The 17-letter phrase encourages the user of the instrument to comb their hair and beard for lice.

Israeli archaeologists have found a comb some years old 3,700 years old adorned with what may be the oldest phrase ever discovered in Canaanite script, according to an article published in the Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology.

The 17-letter phrase encourages the user of the instrument to comb their hair and beard for lice.

Experts say this discovery sheds new light on one of mankind's oldest uses of the Canaanite alphabet. This alphabet invented around the year 1800 BC. served as the foundation for all subsequent alphabet systems, including the Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Latin, and Cyrillic alphabets.

The somewhat banal subject demonstrates that humans of the time were struggling with lice. Archaeologists even reported finding microscopic traces of head lice on the comb.

The comb was found in 2016 at Tel Lachish, an archaeological site in the south of ;Israel, but it wasn't until the very end of last year that a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem noticed the tiny words engraved on it.

Lead researcher, Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologist Yosef Garfinkel, told The Associated Press that several ornate objects of the Canaanite alphabet have been found over the years, but that it is the very first complete sentence.

Furthermore, Mr. Garfinkel said, the fact that the sentence was found on a comb of #x27;ivory in the palace and temple district of the city, and the fact that beards are mentioned, could demonstrate that only wealthy men could read and write.

“This is very human text. It shows us that people haven't really changed and lice haven't really changed.

— Yosef Garfinkel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Canaanites spoke an ancient Semitic language related to Hebrew, Arabic and Arabic. x27;Modern Aramaic. They occupied territory on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean and are said to have developed the first written alphabet in history.

The discovery of a sentence complete could also demonstrate that the Canaanites differed from other civilizations with their use of the written word. This shows that even in the oldest phase there were complete sentences, Mr. Garfinkel explained.

Carbon dating failed to determine the x27;exact age of the comb, depending on the article.

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