Olga Freimut decided on personal confessions: “I think this is swindle”

Olga Freimut decided on personal confessions: “I think this is swindle”

Olga Freimut recently left the Dancing with the Stars 2020 project. While participating in the project, she had to undergo a coronavirus infection, but this did not prevent the presenter from training and dancing. The audience especially remembered her vivid conflicts with the strict and ironic judge of the project, Ekaterina Kukhar. Olga is a versatile person who knows how to draw attention to her person. So, in the program “Valery Vecherny” on the YouTube channel of the same name, she told about the most ridiculous male attempt to get closer to her, the swindlers who left the presenter unfurnished and shared a curiosity that happened to her after celebrating her sister's birthday.

Olga Freimut decided on personal confessions:

So, Olga told about a funny incident that happened in one of the Kiev restaurants.

“We celebrated my sister's birthday on August 24, our friends came. And I remember going out all pretentious, and I have in my hands a three-liter jar of tomatoes. They are so delicious, ”Olga recalls with a laugh.

The presenter remembered how she became a victim of charlatans, and this incident taught her to be more attentive and vigilant.

“When I was doing repairs in an apartment in Podil, I hired a team of professionals, and they took money in advance and asked for more and more every day. And then it turned out that I signed some documents, according to which if I don’t like something, then I pay money, but they cannot provide me with this furniture. As a result, I found myself without a coffee table, bookcase and bed in the bedroom. I think this is scam, ”she notes.

She also remembered the strangest attempt of a man to win her over. It happened on New Year's Eve.

“Before the New Year, I got to an institution outside the city. Then a man of about 50 came up to me, he was not on his feet from fatigue and drunk, and they brought me a whole box of Prosecco. He said that he loved my program very much and he had a restaurant, he invited me to come there. I don't know how, but I had this Prosecco in the trunk. It was so helpless, he looked like that … It was kind of cute, but funny, ”the host recalled.

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