Olga Skobeeva drink, not to suffer

Russian propaganda Olga Skobeeva admitted – not to cry, you need a alcoholic drink.

Worker television Federation wrote a post beginning with the words of Boris Pasternak from the poem about the third month of winter: “February! Get ink and cry”, while Skobeeva continued it in his own way.

“February! Get ink and cry. Or wine and don’t cry”, – she wrote and published the as drinking wine.

Thus the questions of the subscribers, why she wanted to cry, the propaganda did not answer.

“Why are you crying?”, “Wine is for wimps… That’s vodka, Yes”, “No wine, and do not cry, everything will be fine” – write the sad Kabaevoy users.

Ольга Скабеева пьёт, чтобы не страдать

Ольга Скабеева пьёт, чтобы не страдать

Informed the Free Press wrote how Skobeeva Vodonaeva and publicly arguing over “poor cattle” in Russia.

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