Olga Sumska surprised by unexpected similarities with Olga Polyakova

Olga Sumy published a photo with Olya Polyakova.

Ольга Сумская удивила неожиданным сходством с Олей Поляковой

Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Olga Sumskaya published online selfie with the singer Olya Polyakova.

53-year-old star posted to Instagram a series of images depicting the Ukrainian “superblondinka”.

“Two Oli wish you a good day,” the actress wrote in the caption.

Selfie made using filters mobile app Snapchat, which some fans Sumy did not recognize her. In turn, other followers actress noted an unexpected similarity of the artists:

“Like sisters”, “Two Olia — beauty”, “Beautiful kitty”, “You are beautiful”, “Sisters!”, “You without effect beautiful”, “Sumy not know” “You was so disguised that I thought it said,” write to Network fans artists.

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