Olga Sumskaya told where Ruslana Pysanka will be buried in Kyiv


    Olga Sumskaya told where Ruslana Pysanka will be buried in Kyiv

    Actress Olga Sumskaya was very close to actress and presenter Ruslana Pysanka.

    The death of Ruslana Pysanka, who died on July 19, was taken very hard by Olga Sumskaya.

    Previously, the artist showed the last message from her friend and colleague, now she said that she constantly keeps in touch with the widower Pysanky by Igor Isakov.

    Sumskaya shared that Igor is extremely upset by the loss of his wife, but he must hold on, since he independently handles all the paperwork, documents and his wife's funeral.< /p>

    The actress also shared that Ruslana Pysanka would be buried at the Baikove cemetery in Kyiv:

    “He is nailed to it all, crying, tears prevent him from speaking, because he is engaged in both burial and documents. Yesterday Ruslanochka's body was cremated, and in the near future he will take the ashes to Kyiv. Now we are solving the issue of burial at Baikove,” Sumskaya shared.

    The artist added that they had already talked about the funeral of Ruslana Pysanka at the Baikove cemetery with Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko:

    “If there will be some obstacles, we will decide directly with the mayor of the city Vitaly Vladimirovich”, — said Sumskaya.


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