Oliver Pocher rages against Wendler: “So irresponsible and anti-social”

Oliver Pocher rages against Wendler: “So irresponsible and anti-social”

Oliver Pocher rages against Wendler: “So irresponsible and anti-social”

Oliver Pocher and Michael Wendler: The two have already competed in several TV shows this year and also against each other. Bild: imago images/ Future Image

Pocher rages against Wendler: “That is so irresponsible and anti-social”

In 2016 Michael Wendler emigrated to the USA with his then wife Claudia Norberg and their daughter Adeline. But in 2018 the love luck broke, the hit man fell in love again and from now on Laura Müller shines at his side. Until Wendler’s announcement of crude conspiracy myths regarding the federal government and the alleged “fake corona pandemic”, she was doing well with TV productions such as “Let’s Dance” and all kinds of advertising cooperations.

Your loved one, on the other hand, is struggling with tax debts in the millions. “They wanted to have the input tax back for ten years for my stud in Dinslaken, which I did as a business,” he once explained in his TVNow documentary “Laura and the Wendler – now we’re getting married!”that no longer exist. Incidentally, his 18-year-old daughter is listed as “President” of his company in the USA.

Claudia went bankrupt with the record company CNI Records in 2016, which she founded in 1999. Wendler was also under contract with her. In an interview with “Bild”, she stated: “I am very disappointed that Michael is not at my side, neither financially nor morally, in coping with it. If this process were completed, I might finally find peace.” And further: “I would be very grateful to Michael if he would pay off all of my millions of dollars in debt that arose during our marriage.” Oliver Pocher is particularly bad at all of these circumstances, as he now clearly shows in his podcast.

Oliver and Amira Pocher stunned Wendler’s behavior

Oliver Pocher first made it clear that there was really nothing more to say about Wendler. “It’s brutal. What is it secreting?”, said Amira. The comedian then replied: “It’s swinging more and more from ‘He’s a little crazy’ to ‘My face, just shut up’.” Then the comedian came up with Timo Berger, who is personally trying to get his 30,000 euros back from the hit bard in the USA.

Amira said of the picture taken that circulated in the media, where you could see Wendler sending his daughter in front of him: “The way he crouches and hides is pathetic.” Pocher agreed: “It is embarrassing to send your daughter in when you are only 18 years old.” The 28-year-old went on to say: “Who has to be responsible for everything now.” The comedian then explained the case as follows:

“I’ve said that often enough, it will end badly. He has already done this successfully once, that he passed all the expenses on to his wife, who was still so stupid and went into bankruptcy to be responsible for his things Now his daughter is in the commercial register for Cape Music in America and all costs that come will come to this company because he doesn’t earn enough money and they are always daring constructs. That is also one of the reasons why he is in America is because of all its tax shit. “

But that’s not the end of it, Pocher added again: “It will fall back on the daughter and at some point she’ll be there with half a million, a quarter of a million on her ass, is 20 and has to pay for the shit from her father. It’s so irresponsible and so anti-social.” Amira also raged: “He has to be called to account. He really thinks he can get away with all the shit.” And further:

Here Laura presented her advent calendar by Michael Wendler. Image: Instagram / Laura Müller

Laura’s little doors left a bitter aftertaste with designer shoes, sunglasses and an iPhone. Pocher then commented as follows: “He’s a shit that doesn’t deserve anything at the moment.”


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