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Olivier Giroud: why the striker no longer starts with the Blues ?

Olivier Giroud is, in theory, playing his last international competition.

Olivier Giroud will not start Euro 2024 as a starter. On the verge of retiring internationally, the Frenchman is now barred. by the emergence of Inter Milan striker Marcus Thuram. Lilian's son is now number 9 of the Blues, even if Olivier Giroud does not intend to stay there. If I can reverse the trend, I will do it. Believe me, I'm far from having left in a cooler, more relaxed state of mind. I'm here he explained even if he knows he must pass the torch. "That's a bit like the story of my career' certain periods. It would not be reasonable to summarize my career in terms of ça, but the periods whereù I's with my back to the wall, I have always succeeded in my work. bounce. The most important thing is to stay in the right frame of mind. My state of mind remained unchanged. unchanged, the desire to bring something to life this team with what the coach will give me. I think collectively before myself. Whatever my role, I hope to give my best and enjoy every moment because this will be my last competition. #39;is an Interist, so not easy for me (laughs)! He's a little brother. I remember that I had spoken about it. à Lilian, who had some nice words à my regard. I have this mutual respect for him and Marcus, who is one of the players who will take over up front. I am here to accompany him. No spirit of competition between us. What a joy to help him. We must pass the torch"

Né September 30, 1986 Chambery, Olivier Giroud began his professional career in 2005 under the colors of the Grenoble Foot 38 club, there. whereù he was é trained. Pasté then by Istres then by Tours between 2007 and 2010, the French striker discovered Ligue 1 in 2010 after having been ; the top scorer in Ligue 2 that same year. Under his new Montpelliérain jersey, Olivier Giroud continues to perform well and scores many goals. The Frenchman notably won the title of top scorer during the year 2011-2012.

Just sacred champion of France with the Montpellier club, Olivier Giroud decides to go to England é summer 2012 où he joins the English championship. Under the orders of Arsène Wenger, the striker participated two years later in the World Cup. Arsenal's FA Cup victory. Regularly a club starter, Olivier Giroud faces competition in the French team from Karim Benzema, who is often his favorite. as a power forward. Luxury substitute, Olivier Giroud is nevertheless part of the Blues' adventure at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In this competition, Olivier Giroud scored the hundredth goal for the French team in the final phase of an international competition. An injury to his left foot during the resumption of the 2014-2015 English championship keeps the player away from the football fields and the French team for four month.

Once back on his feet, Olivier Giroud continued his professional career with brilliance, within Arsenal FC, winning the Puskàagrave;s Award in 2017, which rewards the players who have scored the best goal of the season following an acrobatic volley against Crystal Palace. In 2018, he joined the neighbouring London club Chelsea FC. He established himself thanks to his 1.93m as an effective goalscorer in one of the toughest leagues in the world, even if his starting place is regularly called into question. In 2021, he won the Champions League for the first time with the English.

Since the 2021 season, Olivier Giroud has left for Italy, in the prestigious AC Milan. Although it is always very difficult to establish oneself in the Italian club, the Frenchman quickly made his place and greatly contributed to the Italian club's title of Italian champion in 2021. In 2024, he announced that he was leaving the Italian club to join MLS and Los Angeles.

Olivier Giroud

  • Date of birth: September 30, 1986
  • Position: forward
  • Current club: AC Milan
  • Salary: 3.5 million euros per year

► His track record

Some trophies:

  • French Championship in 2012 (Montpellier)
  • Champions League in 2021 (Chelsea)
  • Europa League in 2019 (Chelsea)
  • Italian Champion in 2022 (AC Milan)

A framework, that in a word is how we can summarize the career of Olivier Giroud with the French team. The former Montpellier player was signed launched with the Blues, when he already had a career. more than 25 years ago, by a certain Laurent Blanc against the United States, November 11, 2011 (1-0). But it was only when Didier Deschamps took up his post and ' from 2016, notably for Euro 2016 in France, that the striker was the indisputable holder at the start of the season. the forefront of the Blues attack. Often criticized, the player lost his starting place in 2021 during Euro football and the return of Karim Benzema to the French team. After the competition, he no longer played. call by coach Didier Deschamps until March 2022 and his big comeback against France. Côte d'Ivoire and South Africa, punctuated by by two new goals.  He found his starting place during the 2022 World Cup, benefiting from Karim Benzema's package. A competition during which he scored four goals and became the top scorer in the history of the French team (53).

When he is not on the pitches of major European stadiums, Olivier Giroud devotes himself to playing football. his lovely family. He is married since 2011 à Jennifer Giroud, a dedicated wife who put her professional career aside to support her husband. Before Olivier became a famous personality. In the world of football, Jennifer Giroud worked in the field of beauty institutes. The couple had four children: Jade and Aria, born respectively in June 2013 and November 2020, but also Evan and Aaron, born respectively in March 2016 and beginning of 2018. Olivier Giroud, whose family has Italian origins, has a sister and two brothers.

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